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Aspen TreesOne day a year for bloggers to come together and support a cause is not asking too much. Today over 15,000 bloggers are writing about the environment for their 12 million plus readers on this 1st annual Blog Action Day. One more day to add to your calendar.

I’d like to share some of the posts I’d gleaned and a few of my thoughts:

  • Mark Athitakis of Washington City Paper

    Blog Action Day seems to figure that if everybody blogged about the same thing at the same time something big would happen—like that old bong-hit discussion about whether the earth would fall off its axis if everybody in China jumped at the same time.

  • Chris Garrett feels otherwise in his “Notice the world around us” :

    Bloggers can help. . .If we ask each of our readers to be more environment conscious, just for one day, and to ask people they meet to do the same, how many millions will we reach?

  • Tech Blorge shares tips on “How to be a Green Computer User”. Some of these tips I’ve heard, others are new to me. One thing I appreciate is that links are posted to various ways to recycle your old computer parts. I love that idea. Once my home seemed to become the storage place for anything computer related that the owner no longer wanted. So they’d give their old monitors, servers, computers, you name it, to my sons.
  • LifeHacker posted their top 10 suggestions from their readers from cloth diapers, and recycled poop, to monitors, and eating utensils. Worth checking out.
  • Last 100 gives us 5 internet TV channels about the environment.
  • The most unique idea came fromMarketing Pilgrim. The novel idea of Akismet for the snail mail that comes in our physical mail box. For those who aren’t familiar with Akismet, it filters out unwanted spam emails from our blogs. I remember being in the post office the other day, watching people sort their mail on the spot, junk mail quickly filling up the bin. Just think how many trees would be saved if each of us had such a system.
  • Dreaming, no Akismet for junk mail, what a shame. Yet there are other ways to help. I was very happy to hear SendOutCards announce this August that they would now be using recycled paper. My suggestion to business owners is that instead of filling up mailboxes with ads to their clients that go straight to the trash, that when they do a mailing out to their list, that they offer something of value. Let their customer know they are appreciated, send out tips, good advice, useful articles. Would you rather be known as the business that stuffs physical mailboxes with junk mail, or as the business who really cares when they send out cards to their clients?

If everyone in China jumped at the same time, earth would not fall of its axis. Yet if everyone who wrote or read a blog did one thing to help the environment, it would have an impact. Just blogging isn’t enough. It is the action part. For the impact to be felt each writer and reader must take action and do one more thing than they’ve been doing to help protect our earth. No idea where to start? Search some blogs.


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2 thoughts on “Blog Action Day–Today

  1. Excellent and informative article, Heidi. It’s wonderful that so many people care about our beautiful planet.

    Make it a Friendly Day!

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