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WordPress 101 for Boomers Several years back I realized it’d be quite helpful for a business owner to have their own website. Not necessarily a blog, I thought blogs were online personal diaries, and why would I want my private ramblings public? My own personal website though would be cool.
So I checked into making a website, not knowing anything about websites, hosting services, etc. To make a long story short I fell in love with WordPress.
I had to click on all the buttons, learn what they’re for, down to editing the graphics and layout of a site to make it do whatever I wished. Yet I remember back when I first started and I put WordPress away to learn to build a site because I couldn’t get mine to work right. I spent countless hours, googling directions, etc. to simply change the main logo-like image on my website. Nothing worked. Later I learned it was because my wordpress installation was missing some files.
I learned to talk to my webhost, to ask questions to those who knew much more than I, even if I didn’t know the right words, I searched much online. In the end, putting these things into practice, creating my own WordPress site is how I learned to use WordPress.
WordPress has improved much since then. I’ve learned much too. So I created these free WordPress tutorials for those who’d like to learn how to use WordPress.

  • Not sure how to get started with WordPress?
  • Don’t even know what WordPress is?
  • Do you need a blog. or even a website, but not sure where to start?
  • Someone hack your website?
  • Better yet, learn how to protect your WordPress site from hackers
  • If you’d like to learn WordPress or brush up on your skills, visit my newer site WordPress 101 for Boomers. If you get stuck and have a question, be sure to ask. Someone else may have the same question. See you there!

One thought on “Learning How to Use WordPress

  1. Hello Heidi,

    Decided to click on your blog link. Alas! I found the information that I desperately needed to master the wordpress software. I must learn how to work with it – perhaps integrated to my website and start a small blog to attract & entertain my leads.

    Thank you,

    Paula Piccard

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