Stay out of the Dog House this Christmas

One of the best marketing videos I’ve seen this holiday season. What not to do when buying presents for your sweetheart.

Beware of the DogHouse

Think about the present you are giving, are you giving it because it is something you want her to use? (suggesting she is fat, messy, your personal maid and cook) or giving her something you really wanted? Kudos to Penny’s for their creative video, they even have a website where you can put someone into the doghouse.

I’ve never seen anyone complain about chocolate. Ask me how you can send Utah Truffles with the coolest greeting card.

10 thoughts on “Stay out of the Dog House this Christmas

  1. I remember my husband bought me an iron and a set of crystal wine glasses one Mother’s Day. I just added that to the list of reasons why we’re DIVORCED! 🙂

    This is a very creative video.

  2. What a hilarious video! It’s a great reminder of the importance of thinking carefully about the person on the receiving end of your gift. Gifting is all about them! THANKS for sharing.

  3. That was amazing! I laughed so hard, tears are streaming down my face. Thanks for the great video –it was a humorous reminder that gift giving is an art and you’ve got to keep the wishes of your loved ones in mind. The best gifts are personal reminders of how much you appreciate and love them.

  4. Tell me Heidi how do we send choc for the holiday with a cool card? Where do we go, how much lead time do we need and do you take pay pal?

  5. Glad y’all enjoyed the video. I think I enjoyed it more than my husband did. I said think about it, getting your wife a bread machine because you want home made bread each night, is really a gift for yourself.

    Rosie, the greeting card system doesn’t take paypal, does take credit/debit cards and echecks. Usually mailed out next business day, this time of year it takes a couple extra days. If you go to http://GetYourCardsHere and click on the banner, I’ll give you a couple cards for free to test the system and you can check out the gifts from there.


  6. Opp! Sorry about that, the link doesn’t work without the .com

  7. Great video. Brings to the forefront how men think so differently than women when it comes to what a gift means. My husband gives me gifts that he thinks will make my life easier (like stuff for my computer)… argh!! Or a book light so I can read in the dark. argh!!!

    How do you tell them that while you appreciate the gift, it’s not appropriate for a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas present. It’s more like a “gee, I was thinking of you …” present???

  8. Heidi – how funny! We were just talking about this kind of “gift” – especially men giving women sexy lingerie as a present!

    OMG – the exercise equipment? I am laughing so hard my stomach hurts!!

    I have to post this on my Brat In The Hat blog – hahaha – I love the dog house!

  9. It was degrading and abusive. You would not make a video like this if a husband did this to his wife

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