You don’t love your kids if you don’t. . .

Ever get annoyed with salesman who use guilt and high pressure sales tatics to push their goods on you, instead of listening to their needs?

“You don’t love your kids if you don’t buy my vacuum cleaner.” The salesman looked me right in the eye and didn’t even flinch. He was sure he was going to get the sale. I was a caring Mom, of course I’d buy his vacuum.

Now it was a good vacuum cleaner, but I wasn’t buying one that day,

“How to Get All the Business Referrals you can Handle”

In “Millionarie Blueprints” David Frey explains:

How to get all the business referrals you can handle using automated follow-up marketing

He goes on to say that the biggest source of new customers is through referrals. The trick is how to get those referrals, taking time to develop a personal relationship. David gives the example of Joe Girard and how he became the number one retail car saleman in the world by sending more than 13,000 greeting cards per month.

Keeping track of all those cards, addressing, handwriting can become an overwhelming task before SendOutCards. With SendOutCards you can set up your own customized referral campaign.

To test drive the system visit or give me a call at (877) 301-4122

To read David Frey’s complete article click here.

BusinessWeek Article

Today’s top story in Business week explains why sending out real, personalized paper greeting cards will help your business, and how it can now be done with just a click of your mouse.

Marketing with a Personal Touch
BusinessWeek – USA

… Indeed, industry giants Hallmark and American Greetings (AM) as well as smaller outfits such as Salt Lake City-based Send Out Cards now allow customers to write and send paper greetings using the web…

To see complete article click here.

Personalize Christmas cards

Don’t get buried go to Sendoutcards

Ever find yourself stressing about how to get those cards out? Picking out cards, finding the addresses, opps I forgot to get the stamps, I don’t want to just sign the card, I want to add a personal note to each card, just can’t seem to find the time. Often you’d find me the day after Christmas mailing out my holiday cards!

Now I can just pick out a card (or make my own custom Christmas card) and with a few clicks of the mouse, my Christmas cards are out in the mail, and I can relax and enjoy the holiday season.

Give it a try!

Now here is a tip, be different, send your cards out early, send a Thanksgiving card.

My Youngest Loved Her Card

My youngest (9 years old) loves cats, she hates getting up in the mornings, not really thrilled about going back to school.
But she has done great, making sure she gets her homework done, and staying out of trouble. So, one night, after things calmed down and kids in bed, I got on my computer and sent her a card, telling her how much I loved her (with a cat on the front) and how much I appreciate her. This is a real greeting card, goes through the mail, life gets busy, and I forgot about sending it. And of course I had to pick a card with a cat on it.

Saturday, while I was getting ready to run some errands, she comes flying in my room, biggest smile on her face, clutching her kittie card. Lots of hugs. Great way to start the day!


I ignored blogs for a while, not really understanding what they do. As I continued to hear more about them, and see some blogs very well done, the value of blogging is finally getting through my thick head.

I once saw blogs as a public online journal, and why would anyone want their journal public. Now, I see my blog as a place to post my thoughts, share ideas, or just bookmark other interesting stuff for future use.

I often want to wait until I have everything perfect and just right before jumping in. Decided better just to jump in and learn as I go . Since all this is new to me, (just like when a friend smells bad, you’d tactfully pass them the mouthwash or deordorent), if my site stinks, kindly pass me the cyber wash.


Hello Out There

After spending a little time on blogger, learning how to post messages, I decided to take a friend’s advice, and host my blog on my own site. Blogger is a great place to learn, but it doesn’t send web traffic to my domain. And I’m getting to love WordPress more all the time.

I’d like to welcome y’all to my lil space on the internet, feel free to post any relevant comments, and say hello. We’ll see you around.

Heidi Caswell