Custom Cards

Send Out Cards has a cool feature called custom cards. A photographer, artist, or anyone else with a sense of creativity can design their own greeting cards. An individual can use custom cards to create their own birth announcements, wedding announcements, Christmas cards. A business may want to make their own marketing cards displaying their own logo, showcasing a new product, personalizing it in many ways.

Those of us whose friends say “Nice work, you should make that into a postcard, greeting card”, now we have a way to easily do that.

These custom cards do not show up in everyone’s card catalog. They are owned by the card designer. Anyone can design their own card, or pay to have the graphic work done for them. Once you own your own custom card, it is yours to use as many times as you wish. You can also “push” the card (freely given or charge a fee) to a someone else’s card acount, they then have use of that card.

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Baby Jack's Card

UPDATE: You can now make your own custom cards instantly with Picture Plus.

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