Kids, you’ve got to love them. Greg had been telling me about gmail for ages. He switched over to them about the time I went to high speed cable from dialup. Dailup was just too slow if I were to use the internet marketing SendOutCards and Cognigen.

Problem with switching your internet provider is that you need a new email address. Not just mine, but my husband’s, one daughter’s and 3 sons. I kept both the dialup account and cable for a month. I sent everyone my new address. I was surprised at how many pleces, forum’s, sites, used my email address. I was forever updating it. People still sent mail to my old address, I resent the new address, still many didn’t get it until I closed the old account.

My family laughs at the number of email messages I get. Don’t read them all. But I did need a better way to sort my email. Inspired by reading Virtual Handshake I learned to sort gmail. Ryze messages go in one folder. Different Care2Connect forums got their own little spot. Inbox has the more important stuff.

I never seem to sort or delete all my mail. Not a problem, lots of space on gmail. In fact I’ve started to use the drafts as a place to store documents I want to access from any computer. Where did I place that email? Not a problem, just search for it. The forum folders I delete all contents regularly. I scan the subject lines and read what time permits, then I just delete the whole group.

My friends and I send photos back and forth through email. The cool thing here is that gmail shrinks attachments to thumbnails, then click to view or download, great for those still stuck with dialup. If I were to send you a 9 mg jpg to your dialup’s mail, you’d never get your mail downloaded.

What about all those google adwords on the side of my mail? At first I wasn’t too sure about using a service that peek at my email and put up ads that go with the content of your emails. Now I like it, let me copy my website’s text into a gmail message. Look to the side, and see if the ads go with your desired keywords, if not, you probably want to re-write your web copy. If it does match up, go ahead and click on a few, see what your competition is up to.

If you’d like an email account, let me know and I can give you an account. (or anyone else that uses gmail)

Now it is good to have an email with your company’s name, I have one at connectsimply.com . But for forum usage, etc. I use and sort gmail.

Any other good email tips out there?