Self-Destructing Email addresses

You ever get tired of those places where you have to give your email address before they will sent you any information. Then your email gets flooded with spam. Here is one innovative way to work around this, disposable email addresses. I found this tip in Michael Campbell’s newsletter.
With the 10 minute email site, you can grab an email (expires in 10 minutes), check back for the confirmation link. Email address expires within 10 minutes.


Attack of the Executable E-Cards

Holidays are here, lots of online shopping while e-cards are sent out in mass. Unfortunately there is always someone out to rip the rest of us off.

Lastest virus is in an exe email file disguised as an e-card. Once activated it copies your financial info from your computer (such as keystrokes that enter credit card numbers) and relays back to the scammers.

Read more at Technology News.

One more reason to mail out real physical greeting cards.



Sweet Gum Balls

Kids are contentedly playing games together, one on the phone with his soon to be bride, smell of pumpkin and pecan pies from the oven. Hearing
chimes of “can’t I just have a tiny slice today, I don’t mind tasting to see if it is okay.” Sitting down to relax after a long day shopping, cooking, catching up with friends.

Crash! Thunk! What on earth?

Open my closet door, bottom shelf, with all the clothes hanging below crashed to the floor in one big heap! What a sight!

Past time to reorganize closet, but shut the door, enjoying Thanksgiving, then open that dreaded door.

I’m thankful for closet doors.

I am thankful for so many things. It is only fitting to pause a moment, and share my gratitude.
I’m thankful for my family, for their health, for my husband and each of my children, each with their own unique personalities and talents.

I’m thankful for my faith, that guides me each day. The responsibilities I’ve been given.

I’m thankful for my health, the abilities I’ve been given, to share my talents with others. I’m thankful for the freedom I have to grow and develop these talents, to be able to make choices. I’m thankful for this beautiful world.

I’m thankful for friends, online and off, for sharing their hearts, knowledge and talents, for enriching my life. It has been a great week, time with family, working on projects. If the biggest gripe I can come up with is my closet, I am truly blessed.



“. . .My Holiday Card to You”

I bumped into this article written by Jean Scheidnes:
“Just consider this my holiday card to you” from Statesman

For me, the whole “maybe I’ll send out cards this year” farce has become a pathetic exercise in self-delusion, usually brought on when the season is in full swing and it’s entirely too late.

This year, I’m skipping the charade and facing the inevitable conclusion: It’s not going to happen.

I could so relate to this article, had to laugh, most years I do well if my cards get out before January. Even birthday cards didn’t make it out. I found one card to my sister in a 2 year old file. I hadn’t located my address book nor found a stamp so I’d set it aside and there it was still unsent.

Jean talked about how less and less the singles send out cards, I’ve also found it true for us married ones. Keeping in touch goes on the back burner too many times in today’s hectic world. Last year my cards went out before Christmas. I think my family and friends fainted in shock.
Not only did I get the cards out, but the front of the card was one my photographs of a rose in the snow and the inside had my kids playing in the snow and a personal message.

What changed is two things: when my oldest son got married, he had together a database with every one’s addresses (at first I was like why did he go to the trouble, later I saw the need, thank you Tim) and second I ran into SendOutCards where I could import that data base, make a card campaign online, hit send and my very personalized cards were printed, stamped and mailed for me. I’ll see what happens when I get my cards out early twice in a row.

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