My Favorite Graphic Editing Programs

My son Tim is always telling me about cool open source programs. He loves open source. He loves programming and is very good at what he does.

Here are a few favorites. These are not try then buy, nor do they ask for your credit card. This are high end programs at no cost, great if your budget is on a shoestring.

Gimp is an open source program found at Nicknamed the free photoshop. Takes time to learn but a fun program. Mask, layers, shadows, makeseamless (not sure photoshop has that one) Does some pretty cool stuff. I use this one the most, still learning all its features. Supports many file formats.

inkscape open source vector graphics editor, similar to illustrator, coreldraw. My daughter Jessica loves this one. She loves to draw and is now drawing on the computer. Just ask and I’ll have her show you the thankyou cards she designed.

Scribus open source page layout, makes your work press ready

Open Office open source office suite, does much, converts your documents to pdf files

Have fun!

Getting Past the Gate Keeper

What the heck is a VITO?

Very Important Top Officer

Ever try to get past their gatekeeper? What does it take?

Kody Bateman founder of SendOutCards was interviewed by Anthony Parinello. Kody, as many top businessmen, gets over 100 sales calls a week. His gatekeeper answers the calls, about 3 -4 of the calls make it to Kody. Listen as to following interview as Kody tells a little about his company and what it takes to get him on a sales call.

To check out SendOutCards visit