Connecting with Nature

One of my favorite ways to recharge, unstress, is to be outside. Outside with nature. I love this time of year, it doesn’t even feel like summer, although my kids are out of school. Beautiful outside, nice breeze, warm not hot. Overcast, an occasional mist of rain, or raining buckets.

Lillies are in full bloom

Today I spent time with my youngest daughter working in the garden. It sure can use the work. My daughter quickly found some earthworms, we were pulling out weeds, and more worms kept popping out. Earthworms are welcome guest to my garden, soon we had 4 worms wiggling away, right where we were trying to weed. You could still catch a whiff of honeysuckle that grows wild by the fence. The ground was soft and warm, easy to work. The plants are very happy, enjoying all these rainy days.

Now if you have worms, the birds are happy too. We seem to have lots of birds in our yard, but they need to quit eying my new little grapes. Last year they left them alone until the day they got ripe. I had no idea that birds could eat so much so quick.

Our cat Tiger Lily loves those birds, and it is her job to keep the birds out of the garden. We watched her climb a tree, and the magpie (at least I think that is what that noisy bird is called) would tease her to climb just a little higher. She’d slowly work her way up the tree and the bird would take off. Finally the bird settled down on the fence right next to the garden.

Grapes growing in garden

Of course the cat had to come over too, and crouch down in the grass. And the noisy bird would play a game swooping down, trying to tag the cat before the cat snatched a feather or two. Quite entertaining, I think they play that game for hours. Our neighbor’s dog couldn’t stand it anymore, runs to the fence, barking up a storm. And the little 2 year old the dog belongs to, had to see what all the commotion was about. He also had fun “barking” at the cat. Tiger lily walks a few feet away, now that she is the star attraction, she can ignore all, curl up in a nice sunny spot and snooze.

Tiger Lily up a tree

And I’m at peace. In no hurry to go back in. All troubles forgotten, as it should be.


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