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What You Give Is What You Get

A cool term for which I’d like to thank Eva Abreu and Michele Carroll.


Think about it. Business or personal, we truly recieve back what we give to others. If another business owner shows kindness, promotes your business, gives me a tip, I’m naturally inclined to return the favor. When I hear that all important question. “Who do you know that would be good for. . .” guess whose name pops up for a referral.

Flipside, recently in one online business community 3 individuals kept having flame wars with each other, it got quite nasty. Reminded me of bickering kids, each wanting to have the last word. They gave wrote negative words and recieved negative words in return. Not a good business practice.

What You Give is What You Get

My favorite company is SendOutCards. The founder Kody Bateman teaches how it is better to send out to give instead of sending out to get. Develop relationships with your clients, generate customer loyalty.


Heidi Caswell
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Greeting Card Viruses in Your Inbox

The past several weeks, my internet has been screening out malicious looking emails, many of which mention someone has sent me an eCard. From people I don’t even know. Thankfully my cable service has been filtering them out in advance. Security and alert blog can give you more details on the threat.

More and more opt out of sending eCards because of this issue. No use sending a card if no one is going to open it. Yes, I enjoy a friend sending me a card, and my kids loved an animated back to school one. But the card is not worth getting a virus.

With SendOutCards, my greeting cards are setup online, then mailed through regular postal service, first class stamp provided. Go ahead and that it a test drive today. It is easier than you think.

Enjoy your day!
Heidi Caswell

SunRocket Closes Their Doors

Sunrocket VOIP customers found themselves without service. Phones no longer working. Calls to Sunrocket wouldn’t go through. Sunrocket’s website is still up, not a peep to their clients.

Savy customers logged into the internet, searching for Sunrocket news and found headlines such as:

  • SunRocket Reportedly Closes Shop
  • SunRocket disappoints workers, customers
  • SunRocket crashes

Sunrocket is history, not a word to their customers. Their phones just quit working, one sunrocket subscriber told me about 1 in every 4 calls would make it through the last couple days until it quit altogether. Many Sunrocket customers had bought a years worth of service in advance, enticed by the much lower fees.

Meanwhile, other VOIP providers such as Packet 8 are scrambling to pick those lost VOIP subscribers, offering special deals to SunRocket Clients.

That Little RSS Orange Icon

Red RSS Feed Glass Button

I understand branding RSS feeds with the little orange icon. My concern is sometimes that color just clashes with you site. Not a problem because I can use GIMP to edit an image, but I wanted to get one of those cool shiny looking ones. So I search, I found that others have already changed the colors of the icons, that is cool. But I searched some more and found exactly what I wanted and then some. I could download a whole file of icons, various sizes, colors, shapes at Bitt Box’s Free Glass Style RSS/Feed Icons Thanks, I needed the big red one for another blog, and I could even use a little purple one if I wanted.

little purple rss feed icon

Heidi Caswell

SendOutCards Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Send Out Cards out grew their old building, hard to picture it as old, just 2 years ago I attended a Treat Em Right Seminar in the old warehouse building. They had one xerox 6060 printer running at the time. Plenty of space for seminars, etc. It was new then.

SendOutCards has grown quickly in a short time, requiring many more xerox printers, as the distributers and customers have great fun spreading cheer through creative cards and heartfelt messages, living up to the motto: “Changing lives one card at a time”

My daughter, Jessica Sellers, lives just over an hour from the new SOC office. She is building up her business while working (she has another Xerox 6060 printer that she runs for Mike Watson Institute), so that when her first baby arrives come November, she can be a full-time work at home mom. Aaron, her husband is very supportive.

SendOutCards Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Jessica, lucky girl, was able to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony, take a tour of the new office, and meet with other SendOutCards distributers. She is on the left, posing in front of the ribbon with Diane Walker and another friend. I’m glad she sent me pictures.

If you’ve not tried the Send Out Cards greeting card system, you really should, it is also a great business tool. Just get in touch with either Jessica or me, and we’ll give you a couple of cards to test drive the system.