What Stories do You Write in Your Mind?

“I’m bad”
“Why do you think you are bad?”
“My mom says I’m bad, my sister lives with her but I don’t because I’m bad”
“My aunt says I’m bad, she took my sister to Six Flags but not me because I’m bad. She doesn’t lie, so I know I’m bad”
“No, you are not bad, some of your actions are bad such as when you slugged . . . on the playground, but you also know h
ow to be good like when you helped . . .”
“I’m bad, my dad thinks so too. I live with him”
“No you aren’t bad, you are free to choose your actions”

A conversation I had with a disruptive 4 year old, years back while teaching pre-school. I’d spend time talking to him at naptime, he needed someone who’d listen.


My son was shocked when he was working as a office aid at middle school, and one of the parents had to be pulled off the staff. She was very angry with the school because her child believe he could grow up and be a somebody. How dare they set up her child for a very big fall? He’d never amount to anything, she said. And the teacher kept teaching somebodies.

Hopes and dreams, some keep them burning very much alive, others don’t. How about you? What are you feeding your mind? do you care for others and help them believe in themselves? What is your story?

I thought it was cool to see the song/video Kody Bateman wrote for the 2007 SendOutCards convention. If you’d like to watch that video, let me know and I’ll send out a link.

Most importantly, what stories do you write in your mind? How do you influence other’s stories?

Now That URL is Just Too Dang Long–Tiny URL

I’ve known about Tiny Url for a while.
You get a really long url and it just doesn’t fit in your text box nicely, or you put the link in an email and it gets chopped off and becomes file not found:


So you just head on over to http://tinyurl.com/
type in the long url, better yet, cut and paste.

Click and button and voila! Shortened url.


I found that I forget about various cool tool available, then when I need them, I can’t find them. For now, I’m putting ones I use on my blog, can’t misplace them that way.

Heidi Caswell
Brighten Someone’s Day, Send a card, Its on Me

Who is Driving Your Life?

My daughter, Jessica Sellers, forwarded me a podcast by Dr. Paul that I thought I’d share.

Thoughts become things

So often I find those who complain the most become what they complain about, but those who take charge of their life, take responsibility for where they are at, can change their thoughts and actions to be who they’d like to be.

Next time you are doing chores around house or office, just click on the podcast and let it play. Enjoy your day!


SendOutCards 2007 Convention

Sharilee Guest says it best:

I am not a Send Out Cards Entrepreneur, but I had the incredible opportunity of attending the convention, meeting Sandy and Heidi and other incredible people associated with SOC. Let me just say that Send Out Cards is an absolutely INCREDIBLE company!! The philosophy of giving and blessing others was a perfect match with everything I am and everything I am learning in my main business. The speakers were phenomenal — the delivery of the conference was top-notch professionalism — and the people are enlightened. This company seems to attract individuals who have the natural desire to do the ‘write’ thing for the right reason and bless others lives!

It was great meeting Sharilee and fellow SendOutCard reps.

Just made it home, lots to share, unpacking bags, washing clothes, picking up groceries, etc.

Heidi Caswell
Thankful my house didn’t burn down in my absense, but that is another story.

Taking a Road Trip

Clouds over Farmington New Mexico hills

We packed the three youngest in the car and headed out on a long road trip. I’ll be attending SendOutCard’s Convention in Salt Lake City, and we’ll be visiting family along the way. The kids are really excited to see their sister, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. Now if someone could just fold up Texas and just go from one side to the other instantly.

Me, if we had time to stop and take pictures along the way, I’d be perfectly content to travel year around. Long drive to Farmington, NM. About 4 hours out my youngest informs me that we left our hangup clothes back at the house. No problems on the road, just a little contruction. Sad to see the first 2 sets of rest stops in New Mexico closed for remodeling.

Enjoying Farmington for a couple of days, heading on to Moab tomorrow.


Rockin’ Girl Bloggers – My Ears Where Burning

Amazing what Google alerts will turn up for you. At first I felt self-conscious, setting an alert for my own name. No, I’m not vain or anything, heck, it took me a while before I could even post a photo of myself. It was a way to see if my blog posts are getting picked up and as an added bonus I get to see when others are talking about me.

Rockin’ Girl Blogger

To my delight, I got an email a couple weeks back, someone was talking about me. So I visit the link back to Heidi Richard’s Blog and discover that I’ve been tagged as a Rockin’ Girl Blogger. Still smiling, I’ll put some thought into it and pick my five, one at at time.

First I want to recognize Heidi Richards, she has a pretty cool name. I want to thenak her for all her creative ideas, inspiration, hard work and desire to help other women be successful. Through her WECAI network, her We magazine for women, to inventing you own holidays, books and speaking events, Heidi has touched the lives of many. Thanks Heidi.

Heidi Caswell

Finally, it is here! New Laptop!

As some of you know I had some minor issues with my Compaq laptop, still under warranty and sent it in for repair. It should have been back in a week or two, but no deal.

First let me say Compaq means HP. I backed up my data on an external hard drive I’d been meaning to get for that purpose. As the computer was still running, just no wireless, it was hard to give it up and pack it into a box and mail away. You always wonder how long it will take, what if they want to charge even if still under a warranty? What could go wrong?

After numerous calls to HP, and laptop not back on scheduled, I found that they moved the shipment date back 5-6 weeks. Unacceptable! Determined to find out what the deal was, I stayed on the phone until I was transferred to a very helpful service rep. She sympathized, and yes that is a long time to wait, apologized for the delay, and said “Let me get you a case manager, he can help” She patiently explained the process, and what to do if disconnected.

The case manager was great, he said my laptop would be shipped back within 3 days or he’d have a new replacement computer sent to me. Fair enough. He also gave me his direct line. On the third day I gave him a call to check the status. He hadn’t heard back from the repair technicians, so he ordered me a new laptop. Faster processor, double memory, double hard drive space, upgraded battery, and threw in bluetooth. He told me it may take 2 weeks because it was being custom built, with XP instead of Vista, (we weren’t sure if the programs I use worked on Vista). And just before the two weeks time, my laptop arrived.

Backup TIP: External hard drives are cool tools. I can backup my computer, then update the hard drive as I go along. With all the photos and graphics I work with, I never want to lose my work. But it was a pain to download and re-install all those programs I use. Next time I’ll find a way to save everything.

Enjoying the new laptop!