24 Blogging Days till Christmas

Maybe a day or two more, but I couldn’t wait until Dec. 1 to let my readers in on this special.

Dina Giolitto, expert copywriter, and one very creative lady, is hosting 24 Blogging Days until Christmas.

The challenge is to blog daily until Christmas. Christmas you take a break and chill with your family, friends. All those who accept the challenge, need to sign up for Dina’s 24 Blogging Days till Christmas will recieve one blog tip each day, their blog added to Wordfeeder’s Holiday Blog Roll.

However you look at it, this is a great deal for your blog. Tips, more posts, exposure. Shine up your blog and spread the holiday cheer.

What Do Unicorns, Ticking Noise, Navajo Fry Bread and Hungry Cats Have in Common?

They all have become a part of YouTube.

My daughter-in-law unintentionally found herself singing “voldemort voldemort ooh volde volde volde voldemort!“.

“Charlie” and “Candy Mountain” are no longer welcome terms in our home. I’m not even going to post that link.

I have to admit that the pesty hungry cat is funny, any cat owner can relate, my youngest daughter’s favorite.

YouTube entertains, has become part of today’s culture. A way to get noticed, another media channel. Lots of crazy stuff, even saw an iPhone in a blender. Kind of like owning your own TV station.

YouTube is also a great way to share how to do something. I want to thank Kathryn Little for teaching how to make Navajo Fry Bread. Very good stuff, eaten plain or turned into Navajo Tacos. Helps having directions showing how something is done.

Once I get past the Christmas Rush I’ll have to check into this video thing more. Put on your thinking cap, how can you use video to connect with your readers?

YouTube, not the only way to share video on the internet, but their brand has become a household name. When was the last time you had gelatin? Jello?


Late at night, still smelling the pumpkin pies baked and ready for tomorrow. Or I should say later today.

Surrounded by family, my youngest, the night owl, curled up next to me. Her older sister reading a book. Her brother crashed, sound asleep as he got up early for 3 hours swim practice. I can see that one son and his wife are still up and online, doing homework I hear, their little one sleeping I bet. Chatted earlier with Jessica while the pies were baking, wish they didn’t live so far away, thankful that their new daughter is doing well. Another son and his wife made it in town. She just graduated, he’ll be through soon and on to graduate school, maybe a second internship with NASA this summer. Another son back for college break, visiting his girlfriend, should be home any minute. Husband sound asleep for some time, Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday. And is that the cat I hear snoring? Yep it is.

So you can see I am truly blessed with family.

I’m blessed in that I have to freedom to do what I want, be who I am, it’ll take me a lifetime to figure that out, but what an adventure, with so many friends along the way. It always amazes me how many touch our lives, give our spirits a lift. You can find good people wherever you go, online or off. Family, old friends, new friends, even an unexpected smile from a fellow shopper.

I have a niece who volunteered helping orphans in Africa last summer, several had aids. Some children lived by themselves and their only good meal was the one served by the school. It was quite an eye opener for her, her heart went out to the kids. Wishing she could have gone out and adopted them all, way to many. I’m thankful for the country we live in, the resources we have, the opportunities all around us. Just open your eyes! Which ones have your name on them.

Sometimes you just grab what is in front of you, enjoy that moment. Less than two weeks ago, I was spending the night at’s my sister’s, before flying home. and we decided to hike up the mountain side and scramble up some rocks. Great fun just to sit up there on top, talking about old times/new times, watching the sun set on the city below, the lights turning on one by one. The adventure of scrambling back down those same rocks in the fading light, then the hike back.

That last son came back, sharing the results of his shopping trip, he wants to be no where near the mall on Friday, and needed some new clothes for an event Saturday. “Good Night Mom”

And so I shall call it a night. Thankful to God for all the gifts which he gives.

How to Send Out Your Holiday Cards in 15 Minutes or Less

I was talking to a Merrill Lynch associate about SendOutCards. “I wish I seen this before I’d already ordered my holiday cards.” I wish he had too. Good news is that he can become familar with the system and use it throughout the year, and next year his holiday cards will be a snap!

To find out why using Send Out Cards is such a great business tool to keep in touch with your clients, especially during the holidays, I’d like to invite my readers to an online webinar:

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Press Release – I’d Rather Have a Root Canal Than Write My Own

Women’s Media Summit is packed full of great information. I’ve saved the recordings, and will continue to learn much from the ones I missed. One of the jewels I heard, was Ponn Sabra’s seminar on optimized Press Releases. Press Releases is one of those things I’d put on the back burner, but I’d never realized the impact of an optimized online press release before listening to Ponn.

I downloaded Ponn’s SEO Press Release ebook, listened to her speak at the Women’s Media Summit, and participated in Mario’s (from prweb) online press release seminar. Great tips and advice. I made myself sit down and write, took me all day, editing my first press release the following week. I had no idea what all could be involved in a well thought out online pr. Makes you really sit down and think about your goals and vision.

Check out my first press release, I welcome feedback, what I did well, what could be improved. Bookmarks are always appreciated. I’d never thought about bookmarking press releases before listening to Ponn.

Link to press release

I’ve been cramped for time, getting things done before flying out to visit new grandbaby. Then visiting family, daughter, new granddaughter. In my hurry I forgot to edit all the features in time and missed the chance to add keywords to the press release url. One thing that must be done in advance. If I had it to do over, I’d have just changed the date of the release date and given myself a little more time.

I had a root canal once, took me less time and agony than writing my first press release. I’d rather be playing with graphics or creative writing any day. I’m sure the next one will be easier. Advice to readers: Get Ponn’s pr ebook, listen to the recorded sessions at the Women’s Media Summit, and if you want a great job done painlessly, hire yourself a great pr expert.