Send Cards to Clients – Timeless Advice

Photo by Hamed Saber

Long before there was even an internet, in fact even before our modern day postal service, many successful businesses have written countless greeting cards, notes of appreciation to their clients. Building relationships through that personal touch which sets them apart from the crowd.

Today we have so many ways to communicate. Technology has grown so much, not only has the mail service, which we take for granted, can get a letter across the world in a week or less, but we have so many other ways to keep in touch. Phones, cell phones, VOIP, emails, online groups, blogs, twitter, text messaging. . . No excuse not to keep in touch.

I was talking last week to Justin Walters from Arizona. He is very tech savvy, helping businesses connect with their clients online, even through text messaging. Justin told me about how while talking to a client he’d heard when that client’s birthday was. He wrote that date down and the next time that birthday rolled around he sent a birthday card through the mail. His client was so appreciative, thanked him. He’d only gotten 2 cards that year, one from his wife and one from Justin. It really meant a lot. Justin has continued to spend time each month sending out cards to clients. Timeless advice.

If you’d like to meet Justin and check out how he is sending out cards today, click here


This Valentine’s Day Focus on the Little Things

Little Things Ultimately Mean the Most

I’m always in awe of the talents with which my children have been blessed. This card is my daughter, Jessica Seller’s creation, and it seemed fitting for Valentine’s. Little things really matter most.

I’m room mother for my youngest daughter. Parents send candies, pencils, snack cakes, yoyo’s, books and any other little things they can find. With help from a few of the students, we filled their sacks quickly, ready for today’s party. Some of the classes did not have room mothers/fathers who could show up and get their classes goodies together. So this group of volunteers from my daughter’s class, happily and cheerfully put together goodies for some of those classes. Their teacher and I observed how much fun these 5th graders were having giving service to their fellow classmates.

My 16 year old son gave me a box of Reese’s chocolates and the cutest hand-made Valentine’s Day Card, and a note thanking me for the things I do for him. Again, a little thing which means much.

Valentine’s is a time to connect with your loved ones, friends, let them know how much you appreciate them. To me small acts of service, throughout the year, is a measure of love. Taking time to listen, share hopes, dreams, a quite smile, a sincere thank you. A helping hand a gift of service. I know how much it meant to me when I left my car with my oldest son and his wife as I flew out to be with his sister and her new baby. To my surprise they’d had my car cleaned and detailed, gas tank filled and waiting upon my return. Unexpected acts of kindness such as this mean more to me than the priciest bling bling on the market. (Of course if I had the million dollar diamond, I wouldn’t turn it down, I’d find some good purpose for it.)

I appreciate those who visit my website, read my blog, inspire me to be more of who I am. The kindness, advice I’ve received from my online friends and acquaintances, and hope to repay in some small way by sharing my thoughts, knowledge, creativity in return. Have a best Valentine’s Day yet as you have fun with small acts of kindness.

What was one of the coolest things, act of service that was done for you? Service you performed for another being?

Misspelling Words Can Sometimes be a Good Thing

Google knows I can’t spell. Thank goodness for spell check. My kids ask how to spell a word and I’m like take “Type it in an let spell check help you out”.

I will usually spell check each post before submitting to my blog. Other times I will edit and correct a post after I’ve published it. Although it doesn’t catch everything, spellcheck is wonderful. We’ve been taught since grade school to use proper grammar and spelling so we’ll appear professional instead of a grade school drop out.

I tried an experiment a few months back. I wrote a post with keyword text linking back to me and submitted it to a place that posts to several blogs, kind of like article marketing.
Right after I hit submit, I realized that I’d misspelled one keyword in one instance. Drat! I couldn’t go back and change it, a one time submission deal. Double drat! Or was it?

I was getting leads from a lead capture page I use for greeting card services. (If you haven’t tried it, feel free to contact me and I’ll let you test the system by sending out a free card). I still don’t know where these “gifts from google” come from, but a couple made reference to that blog article. Others, searching for what I was offering, would type in that one word and make the same spelling mistake and Google would sent them to me.

Moral: Yes, I do want my posts to look like they were written by a pro, but if an occasional misspelled word shows up, it isn’t the end of the world. Might even bring in additional traffic from the search engines.

Blog update

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I have an old version of wordpress and decided it is time to update to a newer version.
Sadly my old theme will not survive the upgrade, not compatible.
So I’d postpone upgrades.
I was going to wait, but something went buggy with the sidebar widgets. So working
on the upgrade now.
So if you see strange things going on over here, it is just me grabbing a minute here and there to change things.