Do Your Clients Remember You?


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My air conditioner is failing, not a good thing in East Texas. We were going to replace it last year for a more efficient one, but my husband wanted to wait one more year. I’m guessing the current system is over 20 years old, and it has served our family well. Seldom have we had to have it serviced. The company I use gave me a magnetic business card years back that I kept on my fridge.

Now that we are ready to purchase a new unit, Dang It! The magnet is gone. Missing! I’d rather use someone who has done a wonderful job for me, than play “eenie minee mo” with the phone book. I’m brain dead, can’t remember their name. I do remember the name of a company I won’t use. They replaced our heater once and did a sloppy job. Funny how that works.

Unless I get a good referral from a friend, I’ll resort to calling various places, sounding like an idiot, “Excuse me, are you the guys who worked on our AC?”

I am not alone. Million Dollar Followup lists 6 things that is needed to make a sale. The air conditioner business meets all but one of the necessary items.

  • I know what they offer, in fact we even picked out exactly what unit we want.
  • I know them
  • I like them based on past experience over the years.
  • I trust them, they have always treated me right.
  • It is the right time to buy. The one point we were missing last year.

But I’m missing the last part:

  • I must remember who they are when I’m ready to buy or when someone asks me for a referral.

And I can’t! Ugh!!! You have any idea how many pages of air conditioner listings are in my phone book?

But there is a lesson here to learn in each of our businesses. The fortune is in the followup. I know it has been said many times. One of those true business principles that endures through time.

Many ways to follow up, and I suggest that you use a variety of tools depending on your situation. Sherrie St. Cyr gives some quick marketing follow up tips. Visit her site, give her a call. Don’t forget to grab your free 7 Keys to Claim Your Follow-up Fortune while visiting.

“Where oh where did my air conditioner guy run off too?”

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day Commitments

Earth Day! We should show respect for our planet every day, not just on Earth Day. But, this is a good time to consider our planet and the footprint we leave behind. Each small act makes a difference, we can each do something. Ways you can honor our planet:

  • Educate yourself. Sometimes what seems a simple solution, is not so simple. We have to look at the full impact of the steps we take.
    • WE Magazine for Women has a special issue out you don’t want to miss, and you’ll find plenty of green articles there.
    • Care2’s Healthy and Green Living Blog is full of tips and information of things you can do. And on their website I see over 40 videos with tips,, how to conserve water, and other helpful bits of information
    • Google, search blogs, read a book for more information. Keep in mind that some businesses, seeking to profit from our increased interest in healthy living, have provided us with much stuff we can buy, some are good and others not misleading.
  • Discuss with others, learn from each other. Each of us in unique, with our own view points, experiences. Share and brainstorm things we can do to help the environment.
  • Make commitments yourself. I posted my commitments on this Earth Day Card. You can see them above. Visit and post your own message to the Earth.
  • Teach others to have a respect for the Earth. My kids and I were discussing other ways to fuel a car. Yes, plant oils can be used to fuel a car, but if it takes more energy to produce that fuel, than what you get in return, it isn’t worth it.
  • Use recycled items wherever possible. I did find recycled trash bags the other day. I love that SendOutCards uses recycled paper for their cool greeting cards. I love that our local area has a composting center where I can drop off tree trimmings and pick up aged compost.


What is Skype?

To my grandson, Skype is this cool electronic thingie that his dad has. All he has to say is “Skype Gamma” and his dad will pick it up and call his “gamma”. He can then talk to me, and hear my voice.

Skype does more than that. Think of it as an instant message program with all the extras.

I can login, put on my headphones and call another Skype user from my laptop, holding a free conversation from around the world.

Some users have a webcam set up so they can see the person they are talking too.

Of course you can always use the chat feature.

But what if you want to call someone who doesn’t have Skype? For a small fee, there is a way to do that.

Of course you don’t even have to be connected to a computer. There are devices you can buy such as smart phones, which you can use with Skype. Think of it as another way to make phone calls, almost like a cell phone.

I don’t use Skype and other IM programs that much. Nothing to do with Skype, but time management for me. I get distracted too easily when interrupted when working on a project.

Of course, my grandson can “Skype Gamma” anytime, just has to call my home phone, as I’m not logged into Skype all day.

Skype Gramma

Skype Gramma

“Skype Gamma!”

Skype gramma is not a word you’d expect a 2 year old to be using. That is my grandson. He wasn’t in a hurry to talk, preferred to use sign language. But once he learned how communicating to others his wants got results, he is quickly adding to his vocabulary every day.









Skype is not a word you’d expect a 2 year old to know, but technology is very much a part of his life. He knows when his grandma is online, there is my picture in gmail’s chat. Christmas time he had great fun using his dad’s touch screen ipod, finding pictures, songs, etc. He loved watching a video of his little cousin, better yet, watching videos of himself.

Times change. I remember when I first took a Basic programming course. I had to go to the computer lab, save my program on a ticker tape looking thing. Feed it back each time I used it. If I made any changes, I had to save and print out another one of those ticker tape things. And if it tore, back to square one. My dad just took his first retirement and was working on his master’s. The computer he used was huge, and we feed it key punch cards.

Think of key punch cards as rectanglar pieces of card stock with holes punched in it to represent one line of code. My dad paid someone to keypunch his program, drove to the college (an hour away), feed the cards to the computer. Error, typo’s and syntax errors would spit out. Those cards would have to be redone. He’d call the lady back, have her type more cards, then hour drive back to school. Repeat. Repeat. Until he got the program right.

My dad was very happy when I took a break from school, as he knew I could key punch cards. (An obsolete skill, one I’ve long forgotten.) I’d go with him, he’d work on his next program while I feed cards to the huge room size computer. Correct any errors, put the cards back in order, and refeed the computer until we got it right.

Today, my little laptop probably does as much as those room size computers. Many choices of ways to save my information. Edit on screen, save. Look where we are today, things my grandson takes for granted. Who else would say “Skype Gamma!”

Rockin’ At Daytona Beach

Walking along the beach
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We talk a lot about networking online through blogs, social networks, online conferences. But isn’t it great to be able to finally meet, connect, network and have a good time with your online friends and business associates?

The Baby Boomer Diva’s are doing just that at their first annual the , which will be held in Daytona Beach, Florida April 18-20. A talented group of women, who will be sharing their talents and expertise at a fun filled weekend. Beverly Mahone has done a great job putting this all together.

Wish I were going, not just because of the fun to be had, but to meet this group of women whom I’ve had the pleasure to know and work with online. Of course, I’d have to escape the hotel scene and take a barefoot stroll along the beach by moonlight.

Yesterday the blog tour stopped at Kathie Thomas’ blog.
and tomorrow visit Archer Fit Press

2008 Diva Retreat Banner

Thinking Blogger Award

Thinking Blogger Award I’ve been tagged as a thinking blogger by Kathie Thomas of Australia. Double whammy, hit by Beverly Mahone. Thanks!

Thanks for the Thinking Blogger Award, it is an honor.

The participation rules are simple:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,
3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’.

And I’ll have to agree, there are many bloggers whose blogs make me stop and think, many I’ve seen tagged by others, and they truly are thinking bloggers. Instead of repeating what others have said, here are 5 new ones I’m tagging today, visit their blogs and enjoy their wisdom.

1. Christine Kane check out her thoughts on “A New Earth”, her songs, organizing your life and much more.

2. Bea Kuntz Did you know that dandelions were once used as a coffee substitute? Our food choices should not be limited to what we find at Walmart, there is a much better way, learn about sustainable living and other bits of wisdom from Bea.

3. Susan Loughrin I remember Susan a short time ago just learning what a blogging was, look at her go! Enjoy her creativity.

4. Jeanie Marshall Keep it simply by connecting with nature. Yep, I need to spend more time with nature. It has been too long since we’ve connected Jeannie, I hope all is going well with you.

5. Dean Hua is another thinking blogger who is good making connections with others. I love what he does with his Dean’s list each year. Almost forgot about Dean as we don’t hang out in the same places online right now.