Can I Take your Photo? Photographer Rights

I remember a discussion going on in one of the photography groups I belonged to, about what are we allowed to take photos of. It started with news of a guy who was arrested for taking photos on the street. Here are some of my experiences.

My son learned that he could not have his photo taken in from of a federal prison. (He didn’t a picture of himself in front of a federal building). In front the Social Security building was no problem.

At a swim meet I noticed one guy who didn’t seem to be filming the swim meet. When everyone was standing up cheering, he was sitting down. Between events he was standing up filming. My first reaction was he must be filming the girls in their bathing suits. (No, not bikinis!) At the end of the event I was shocked to watch the dude follow my 16 year old son, with his video camera focused on my son’s rear end. I was steaming! Almost started a ruckus but decided to check further into the situation.

First I asked my son and he said yes, the guy goes to every swim meet, in town or away, and filmed the boys in their speedos. The boys weren’t happy about it, what could be done, it was in a public place. They “accidently” knocked him down at one time, thought of doing something to his car.

I called a friend in the police force and asked what could be done. The guy wasn’t following them into the locker room which would be a big NO NO! My friend reminded me that our swim events were on private propery “sort of”. Property owned by a college. That the guy probably had a previous record and as such not allowed near children. His actions were enough to alert campus security, and the coach.

I called the coach, and he talked to security. When meet continued the next day, there he was, filming the boys as they warmed up on the pool deck in their speedos. Security picked him up for questioning and searched his car while the sheriff department searched his home. Such enough, his house was full of child porn! Busted! No longer allowed near any swim meets.

I’d been taught that it was polite to ask permission before taking a photo, esp. if it was of a child. Puts the parents at ease. Offer a copy of your photo. Sometimes you see a shot don’t have time to ask first.

Today I bumped into an article on photographer rights. Good read.

Cards to Iraq – Cards from Iraq

from SoldiersMediaCenter

If you read my post on Remembering Loved Ones in Iraq, you will understand how those serving, whether military or civilian miss their homes and loved ones.

July is a celebration of our country and its freedoms and I thought it would be cool to see how many smiles we can put on the faces of those away from home. If you know anyone serving in Iraq, please send them a physical greeting card, I’ll pay for the first one. And/or forward this information to those serving and they can send a card back to their loved ones at home. As it is printed and mailed in the US, it will make it home in record time.

  • Forward this url or/and use it yourself:
  • Click on the banner and turn up your speakers
  • Follow the audio prompts and send a card
  • Feel free to upload photos inside the card
  • If you want make your own card by adding a photo, after sending your first card, click on main menu, system training, then picture plus.
  • If you get stuck, contact me.

This is not a commentary on the pros/cons of the war. The purpose here is to brighten the days of those families whose lives are in a turmoil because they have a family member serving, whether military or civilian. Feel free to pass on this offer. Go brighten a day!


Remembering Loved Ones in Iraq

by SoldierMediaCenter

I know several who are serving in Iraq, some military, others civilians. One friend’s husband is one of the volunteers, not military, but working for one of the contractors, his one year commitment, turned into two. Safe zone? Not really. When they get a chance to talk in the morning hours she can hear mortar fire in the background, bravely keeping a cheerful voice for the sake of her husband. Afterwards she is sick to her stomach.

Summer has hit, I just checked the forcast for Baghdad and tomorrow’s high is 111 F. Lots of dust and sand. HOT! DRY! and too many miles away from home.

One thing they really miss is home. My friend told how her husband would call early morning and just talk, needing to hear the voice of a loved one. He also craved photos from home. Yes, he does have a laptop, but the promised internet has not made it other than a few minutes far between.

Several in our church’s congregation are in Iraq, and as many are Dads, Granddads of our little ones, we planned a service activity for the children. Both those with family home and those with family away made picture frames for Father’s Day presents, wrote letters, drew pictures, brought gifts to put in care packages to those in Iraq. The funnest thing we did was provide flags, balloons, hats of various sorts, bandannas, longhorns, armadillos, etc. to dress up and pose in front of the camera. Great pictures were printed and added to the boxes. Other photos were saved to be turned into cards and mailed later.

It was a great experience. One young man (7 years old) was very excited as his Dad was coming home for 2 weeks.

Imagine the smiles that would come on their faces, as our surprise care packages arrive close to the Fourth of July. I’ve spent much time thinking of my friends’ families, and how over and over again the best part of the activity was the photos, both serious and silly.

I thought of how I enjoy sending cards through SendOutCards and what a great service it would be for those families. No need to leave home to make photo cards for those loved ones away from home. And for those in Iraq who are able to get internet, they can upload photos into greeting cards and they will be printed and mailed from the United States, less waiting time.

Connect Simply would like to help as many who wish send cards to loved ones in Iraq and from Iraq back to family members back home. If you know anyone serving in Iraq, send them a card, first one is on me, put a smile on their face. More details in my Cards to Iraq post.

Diva Update

I enjoyed networking and meeting the other Baby Boomer Diva’s today. It was great and I’ll post a link to the businesses involved once Bev has it up. I’ll be reviewing Rosie’s Blogging Managment System and posting that info for all first of next week.

For those who want to learn more about SendOutCards tune into the following webinar or drop me a note.

FRIDAY June 20, 2008


Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

Give 3222 for the ID number.

Stay tuned for the Cards to Iraq special.

2nd Annual Boomer Diva Day Schedule

Sassy Girl Photo Greeting Card

OK, for those who’ve asked, here is the schedule of events. Be sure at tune in at 1:15 Eastern and I’ll demonstrate a fun and easy way to stay in touch with your clients, friends and family using the coolest cards in town, SendOutCards. Free gift for those who attend.

I am excited to be a part of this wonderful online event hosted by Beverly Mahone, founder of Boomer Diva Nation and author of Whatever! A Baby Boomer’s Journey into Middle Age.

The event is the 2nd Annual Boomer Diva Day celebration in honor of Baby Boomer Day will be on June 20th from 10amEDT-3pmEDT in the WECAI web conference room at
This is a time of celebration and fun for boomers all over the world who are (as the motto of Boomer Diva Nation) “On the Move and Making a Difference”.

I hope that you will join us for the wonderful event and join in on the fun, community and support for Boomer Divas everywhere!

Also, we are so excited and honored to have my good friend, Heidi Richards, founder of WECAI, to be the speaker of the day to talk about Blogging for Business.

Here is the updated schedule (times and vendors may change):

Time (all times are EST)
10:00-10:15 Welcome/Greeting

10:15-10:30 Kathy Porter – Mia Bella Candles

10:30-11:00 SPEAKER: Heidi Richards – Blogging for Business

11-11:15am Passion Parties rep, Donna Bourque

11:15-11:30am Dortha Hise – Avon

11:30-11:45 Break/Networking

11:45-12pm Rosie Horner – The Blog Management System Organize Your Blogging Today!

12-12:15pm Terri – Pop Art Diva

12:15-12:30pm Debbie Mormino – The Breast Cancer Diva

12:30-12:45pm Lisa Fredette –BeautiControl Rep

12:45-1pm Sharon Williams- The 24 hour Secretary

1-1:15pm Barb Ireland The Sample Cake

1:15-1:30pm Heidi Caswell (

1:30-1:45 Stephanie Fish, Buckeye VA

1:45-2pm pending vendor

2pm-2:15pm Dr Sally Witt (

2:15pm-2:30pm Michelle Waters , Product Sellers Seminar

2:30pm-3pm Networking/Giveaways

Celebrating Baby Boomer Diva Day

oh woman
Photo by Kris Decurtis

Upcoming up, the 2nd Annual Baby Boomer Diva Day. Almost like a tongue twister isn’t it.

This is the day we are celebrating who we are as women—as women who are on the move and making a difference! June 20 is the 2nd annual celebration of Baby Boomer Diva Day.

There will be plenty of prize giveaways with special guest speaker, Heidi Richards, who will discuss how blogging can turn into $$$ for your business or product.

There will be plenty of prize giveaways with special guest speaker, Heidi Richards, who will discuss how blogging can turn into $$$ for your business or product.

Showcase your product for 15 minutes for the very low price of $10. A few vendor slots still left

There will be plenty of prize giveaways with special guest speaker, Heidi Richards, who will discuss how blogging can turn into $$$ for your business or product.

The Boomer Diva day is happening in Heidi’s web conference room


from 10am-3pmEST

To attend Friday’s Diva Day, you will need to download the room and save to your computer to access it on the day of the programs. When you enter the room, you only need to type in your first and last name (no password is needed for our FREE events). If you have an external microphone you will be able to be heard when you ask questions of our guests. Or you can type the questions in the “room.” You can pickup a very inexpensive microphone at Radio Shack (or equivalent) for about $15.

To get more information or to sign up now as vendor:
mailto: keybusinesspartners at

Father’s Day Challenge

Father Son Bonding Time

Father’s Day is fast approaching for many of us.

I know that I for one appreciate my Dad and the many things he has done, the influence he has had in my life. My husband is a father to 7. My son does a wonderful job as a Father to his young one. A father figure could be a Grandpa, or other father figure, could be a coach, neighbor, etc.

My challenge to you is to take a minute to remember the “Fathers” in your life, put on your thinking cap, and find ways to let them know they are appreciated, honored. To get you started here are some suggestions I’ve found around the web:

  • Buy or rent a DVD or other great film for Father’s Day, one he wants to watch, without interruption.
  • Books, let your dad relax in his favorite chair or hamock with his favorite book. Not sure what book to get, you can always give a gift card.
  • Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets.I don’t think guys ever get tired of having a new gadget. Keeps them entertained for hours. Never too old to play with toys.
  • Some of the best Father’s Day gifts are free. I like to put together photos of the past year and send as a Christmas gift. The same can be done for Father’s Day. My kids like to give a coupon with gifts of service, although I think they secretly hope he forgets to collect. Better yet, just volunteer and just do the chore for him, unasked.
  • Cook your Dads their favorite meal, dessert.
  • A gift of time.Especially true for aging Dads who don’t need one more trinket to collect dust. But they do appreciate your company, a hug, whatever assistance needed.
  • Heartfelt appreciation.Pick up the phone! Visit! Say the words “I love you!” “I appreciate you!” We often assume others know how we feel. But it is great to hear the words. Put your words in writing. Add them to a card or letter, something the Father’s in your life can keep. I’m giving away cards you can choose online, add your message and photos, and your card will be printed and mailed for you. Send out a card to your dad today. Get Your Father’s Day Cards Here!
  • Update:Of course Dads should never get too old to play, with or without kids. Here are some cool toys my son found and ordered. Lots of good stuff off the beaten path.

What if I Can’t Log into WordPress?

Funny things happen, which can be quite frustrating.

  • I changed internet providers and one of the few places I’d used that email address was on my blog. (Note good to use email not tied to isp, use your domain name, google, yahoo, anything else and no issue when your change isp’s)
  • I changed the email for my blog under options
  • My password is on my laptop, it’s monitor crashed, I backed up my data anyway, mailed back for warranty work.
  • Could not remember login, so hit link get new password
  • Link sent to new email, but doesn’t work. Invalid key
  • Searched and found link to reset password. 🙂
  • Followed through phpAdmin directions
  • Success!