Do You Work from Home?

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  • Do you work from home?
  • Have you ever considered working from home?
  • Got kids?
  • Balancing work and family?
  • Need ideas for a home business?

I’m honored to be a guest on Parents Rule Radio Talk Show with host Pat Montgomery this Thursday 2-3 pm EST on Radio Sandy Springs 1620 AM in Sandy Springs, GA. e for your own business. Things to consider when choosing whether to work from home or not. Join us as we discuss the good and bad of parents working from home. Pick up tips, ideas to help your home business.

See ya’ll there!

Making New Online Connections

Only so many hours in a day, and if we are spending some of the precious time online, using social media to connect and build relationships, we should learn to getter better at it.

When I first joined Ryze, it was a very active network, I learned much. One discussion was about drive by networking. People who never say a word to you, never had a conversation with in any of the network forums, never even left a guestbook message, but you suddenly get an invitation to connect and be their friend. And many of these same people, when you reply, they spam you with their stuff.

YouTube had a hilarious video (sorry I can’t find it) about the same thing on FaceBook. Guy knocks on the door, “Will you be my friend?” Who are you? I was in your physics class many years ago and sat 3 rows behind you. “Will you be my friend” etc.

There are more effective ways to spend your time. I do like the general rule, would you do this in a real face to face sitting?

Always open to learning ways to network more effectively, I appreciated Dean Hua’s post on how he used LinkedIn as a follow up tool. Thanks Dean!

Now if I can just figure out how my blog went from a google PR 4 to gray in the last update and how to fix it.