Signs of Hope for 2009

It has been a wonderful Christmas, filled with family all around, enjoying each others company. Nice to have most of my kids home, and that is a house full, happy chaos!

As 2008 comes to a close and we head into 2009, it is a time for reflection. Joy and thankfulness for all the good things this year has brought, lessons learned, in both life and business.

Where do I want to be in 2009?

If I could not fail, what things do I want to have happen in 2009?

What do I need to do to get from point a to point b?

Do it!

Remembering back in high school, we were discussing plans after high school. She was not enthusiastic.

“Maybe I’ll get a job at a local sewing factory, they pay a little over minimum wage.”

“So many choices and things to do” I said. “Why limit yourself to the one thing? There are many good things you can do with your life”

“Maybe for you” she said. “You can do anything, school was easy for you, me I struggle”

“So can you, you have many talents, being able to do well on a test does not mean you will do well in life, it is what you do with your own unique gifts”

“I don’t have any, and I never have any good luck” she said.

I disagreed, but I could not get her to see things otherwise. I felt like I had failed her in some way. Surely she could see endless potential. Later in life I learned that some have closed their minds to change, growth. I’ve wished I had a special can opener that would open their minds so they could see what I see. To open a mind and pour in hope, belief, dreams, knowledge of a bright future and the desire to do something about it.

Our attitude effects our life, and we’ve all heard the saying about the glass half empty or full, but I like this one better:

“Regardless if your glass is half full or half empty, it ain’t overflowing. Shatter it to pieces. Start over and fill it up completely.” Dean Hua

Lacking a mind opening can opener, so I can pour in some hope, I’m sharing some of my photos which to me are signs of hope. Click on the image at the top of this post and enjoy! Thanks to Angela Betts images of hope idea.

You can do anything you want in 2009, just find a way and do it, helping others along the way, not running them over!

Top Corporate Gift Ideas

It is that time of year, time to send out gifts to your customers, let them know how much you appreciate their business. Biz Journals published the 10 worst holiday gifts and the ten best holiday gifts for corporate gift giving.

A donation to a charity in the name of a client didn’t support same charity, make sure it is one they support, all kinds of stuff with your company logo, rotten fruit and rock hard fruitcake, junk that the company overstocked and no one wants to buy it etc.

I was happy to see several of the top suggestions were gifts available through SendOutCards. Blankets, I wouldn’t have thought of it, but SOC has blankets with a book, even better. Food gifts, you can find nuts, candy, cookies, coffee, tea. Gift cards are another favorite, many places available. And of course chocolate. You can add brownies, chocolate truffles, etc.

Upload your database, create your own custom greeting card, add a personal message and choose which gift you want to send. Have that same card and gift sent to who ever is on your click with a click of your mouse, or make each card different. SendOutCards then prints, stuffs, stamps and mails the whole thing out. No need to hire a temp nor take up office space.

Thanks Bobbi Jo, of BWoods Design for the links.