Advice for New Graduates?

It has been many years since my own graduation, and thankfully I’ve continued to learn through life’s experiences. I’m not alone. Take a few minutes and think, what would you share with new graduates? What piece of advice do you wish you’d listened to back then?

I’d like to share the advice given by JK Rowlings to Harvard graduates in 2008.

This weekend my son Doug graduates from high school. So does many of his friends. Next year, 2010 I’ll have another son graduate from La Tech, while his two older brothers will complete their masters, hopefully they won’t be at the same time. I’d like to invite my readers to take this time to share your own piece of advice. 🙂

Connecting with Lists

listsPhoto by Jayel Aheram

Lists, lists and more lists. Why are there so many lists online? Could be because thousands of bloggers are following Problogger’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog. Day 2 was Write a List Day. Or simply because lists work.

Having such a great list of lists in the Write a List Post, I scanned through to find posts which help you connect with others. After I turned cross-eyed from staring at the screen too long, here are a few I picked up.

Connecting with Families

One Million and One WordPress and Twitter Lists

I admit it, I’ve never counted. I would not be surprised if there were at least that many lists floating around the internet. Yep I made a list of Twitter WordPress Plugins when I had a hard time finding such. Now they are all over the place.

Online Tools for Your Business

Creating Customer Loyalty

Because it is something you’ll find me writing about from time to time. I hate dealing with businesses who see their loyal clients as just another number, ignore them while pouring money into gaining new ones.

Network with other bloggers, find those with similar interests, share good stuff, and promote each other. Stuff happens.

Send a free Mother's Day Card

Meet Me in Dallas

I’m going to be in Dallas May 16-17 with a booth for my SendOutCards business at the Dallas Franchise and Business Opportunity Expo.

There will be speakers on:

What’s a Good Franchise to Buy? How to Pick ‘Em
Finding The Right Business in Today’s New Career Economy
Using Your Retirement Funds to Start a Business
SBA Programs & Services

Booths from many companies, all under one roof.

If you’d like stop by and say hi, let me know, I’d love to meet you. Tickets are $5 at the door, but I have some free ones I can give away. If you’d like a ticket, let me know in the comments or use the contact form.