Must Have Programs for My Laptop

I’ll add to this list as I reload programs as I use them. This helps me anytime I set up a new computer. You are welcome to use any of these programs if they fill your needs. I advise making your own list as each of us have our own favorites.

  • Firefox is a browser just like IE or Internet Explorer which comes standard on most computers. I, like many prefer Firefox. I do have both on my computer. Some websites such as maybe your bank work only in IE. Other websites work best in Firefox. Once I download and install firefox, I add extentions. Here are some that I use most often, although there are many other cool ones out there:

Restoring System on My Laptop

Grrrrr! I hate it when computers act up. My new laptop has been doing that, hangs up in the browsers, no matter which one I choice. Accessing email and twitter became at times an impossibility. Since it was a new laptop, I called the company to find a fix. Their best option was to save my data and go back to the factory settings.

So I pulled out my external hard drive, backupped my documents, and restored the system.

It is a pain, but better than having things hang up and not run right. That is the easy part. Next is to find the programs I use and add them to my laptop. So I search and download each program and install. I forget how many programs I use. Getting smarter in my old age, I’m creating a list with their download links for future reference. Stay tuned and I’ll share.