Blue Moon Rings in 2010

Blue Moon by OliBak

The end of a year, beginning of a new one. Time passes. Has it really been a year since I put together Signs of Hope for 2009?

Although I’ve not been happy with many things which have gone on in my country, more government control, more taxes, more breaks for large corporations who mismanage their money, etc. I love the people. People give me hope.

None of us are perfect, I know I’m not. Doesn’t mean we are bad, inferior products. Nope not in the least. Just not finished yet. Half Baked in fact. Still writing our stories.

Life is a trip, a journey. We grow, we learn. Sometimes we stumble, make mistakes, but that is part of the process. How would we have ever learned to walk if we never tried again after the first time we fell. Worse yet, what if we never tried in the first place because we saw someone else fall.

With the various problems facing the world today, I love watching people. Good people. They care about each other, their neighbors. They become better people, take care of their health, volunteer time helping others, teach others a skill, encourage others, learn something new to improve their lives. Have spirit, passion. Fight against corruption. Plan for a better future. Doing something to make life better instead of complaining, not expecting to have everything given to them but working for it themselves.

As long as we have good people, standing side by side, cheering each other on, we’ll have many more blue moons in our lifetime and a better world.

First Aid Kits

First Aid Kit
Photo by Marcin Wichary

One thing about online conversations, they flow, mutate, change subject, often entertaining and educational. Nothing wrong with going out on a related tangent. When I asked my question about West Nile Virus and mosquitoes, we started to talk about herbal remedies and essential oils. Women in Networking herbal expert Faye Durham did a great job educating us.

One of the bonus answers was about first aid kits. I still need to update the ones in our house and the little ones in the cars. Faye provided us with a great list:

“The most obvious benefits of using essential oils are related to health conditions that are common in modern life. In the search for cures and remedies for afflictions ranging from herpes to stress-induced symptoms, we can find unexpected healing through the use of simple and inexpensive essential oils.

As Heidi mentioned, it’s a good idea to be prepared to render first aid to yourself and family members. It’s really okay to love ourselves enough to alleviate pain and suffering at the source.

I have a First Aid Kit in the kitchen, one in the bathroom, and one in the car. In case of emergency, having all the items I need in the same location has made a huge difference. In addition to the items listed below, all First Aid Kits need:

2 pairs of latex or other sterile gloves (if allergic to latex)

Sterile dressings to stop bleeding

Adhesive bandages

Eye wash solution


Prescription medication

Cell phone



Tube of petroleum jelly or other lubricant


List courtesy of

Here’s a Cold-and-flu Rescue Kit that I have used for years. Most of the items are contained in Young Living’s Golden Touch 1 Kit:

THIEVES—proven to kill airborne bacteria –was tested at Weber State University to have a 99.96% kill rate against airborne bacteria. Can be diffused, added to water as a mouthwash or a gargle for sore throats. Put a drop or two in water and drink to combat parasites, flu virus. Massage 2 drops into soles of each foot daily for Immune Building.

DI-GIZE—great for stomach flu! Blended specifically with oils noted for their effects on the digestive system. It has been studied for its effects against parasites as well as for its enzyme support capabilities. Di-Tone can be soothing for cramps, colic, bloating and indigestion. Apply and rub in a few drops over stomach area..

RAVEN—nurtures lungs and bronchials – is an antiseptic blend of essential oils that can be soothing and purifying to the respiratory tract, including the lungs, bronchials, and throat. Diffuse, apply on vita flex points of feet or directly on location.

R.C.—for respiratory congestion! a blend of four eucalyptus oils that has been studied for its effects on supporting and strengthening the respiratory system. Diffuse, apply to vita flex points on feet or directly over area of concern.

ENDO-FLEX— supports thyroids and adrenals. Oil blend may help overall vitality, and improve and balance metabolism. Apply to vita flex points of feet and on the abdomen. May also help with Hot Flashes!

MELROSE—kills fungus and molds! includes two medicinal-grade melaleuca oils that are renowned for their antiseptic properties. The blend can be used to cleanse cuts, scrapes, rashes, insect bites and stressed tissue. Apply directly over are of concern. Put a drop on toothbrush and on gums to help reduce yeast in the body and Candida.

JUVA-FLEX— liver and digestive support! Juva-Flex is a combination of oils that have been studied for their effect on the liver and digestion. Juva-Flex oil has also been known to help people to over come tobacco and alcohol addictions. Apply to vita flex point for the liver

OREGANO OIL ? defeats viruses! Georgetown Univ Medical Center reports that Therapeutic Grade Oregano withstands all know viruses and bacteria. Massage into Feet!

NINGXIA RED JUICE ? Proven by Brunswick Labs to be highest Antioxidant Food anywhere! Contains high levels of Ellagic Acid?Studied for its effect on Cancer Cells at Hollings Cancer Institute at University of North Carolina. One Ounce a Day may help keep doctors away!

INNER DEFENSE — Energizes the Immune System and systemic defenses. Powerful Essential Oil combination of Thieves, Oregano and Thyme. I always keep a couple of bottles of this on hand to take at the first sign of cold symptoms. I have lost count of the number of times it has resolved a cold overnight.

THIEVES WATERLESS HAND PURIFIER — An all natural hand cleanser containing powerful antimicrobial oils such as Cinnamon, Clove, Lemon and Rosemary.

A few more suggestions to save the day.

Cleansing Agent – Purification helps calm minor insect bites, cuts, and scrapes.

Minor Burns – Lavender and LavaDerm are the best essential oil for calming minor burns. I always keep a bottle of lavender in the kitchen and in my purse.

Pain Relief – Helichrysum, Copaiba, Deep Relief Roll-On. I keep Deep Relief Roll-On on the nightstand and apply behind the ears down the carotid arteries and spine to nourish muscles, nerves, and preserve neck and spinal health.

The quality of the essential oil matters whether you are applying them to humans or animals. For example, Young Living Essential Oils are the only essential oils that are safe to apply to cats so when others tell you not to use their oils on cats, they are right. You may not see the expected therapeutic results unless you are using 100% therapeutic grade oils.

Essential oils are so versatile and empowering. I can’t imagine life without them.

I look forward to hearing what you find.

To Our Outreach October,

Faye Durham

Beyond Ordinary Health
Young Living Essential Oils

I love how social media answers questions. Thanks Faye!

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Asking Questions to Find Answers on Social Media


The internet is alive, connects some many people from all walks of life, from all over the world. Real people, not just the robots, spam machines, etc. (Although people have been known to act like spam machines) Each person is unique and has their own set of talents, gifts, areas of expertise, life experiences.

Lets say I want to find a answer to a question, I can Google it, ask in various forums, ask on Twitter (which is tied to Facebook), ask on Ryze, LinkedIn, etc. I don’t always find answers in the same places. I never know where the best answers are going to come from. I do find that places where my online friends hang out, I’m more apt to get an answer, as friends help friends.

It always surprises me when I ask something on Twitter and the answer comes through on Facebook.

A couple of questions I asked had the best answers from the WIN network on Ryze. I want to Thanks Bea Kunz for her answer on avoiding the West Nile virus. Faye Durham gave some great essential oil advice and some great suggestions for a herbal first aid kit.

Nice getting crowd sourced answers to questions.

Blood Suckers and West Nile Virus

Photo by Nick Kulas

After a couple people in my local area came down with the West Nile Virus, and the mosquitoes still quite numerous, I asked a few places about avoiding the West Nile Virus.

At the Survival Podcast forum I got various statistics on various insect propellants and tests as to which was best from a military physician.

1st Permethrin treated clothes with DEET 30% on remaining exposed skin
2nd – Permethrin treated clothes
3rd – DEET 30%
4th – Picaridin (very close to DEET 30%)

Now I don’t mind using these while hiking in a chigger and tick infested area, but not wanting to put on repellant every time I walk into my yard. Still good to know what works and that there was no need to use more than 30% DEET.

Bat House
Photo by

Bea Kunz came to the rescue, here is her answer from Ryze:

“As you know I’m outside more than inside during the parts of the year that the nasty feeders are fond of.

We don’t have a lot but enough to command action to keep them from breeding.

Some of the best ways to do this is; No standing water in containers that does not drain well and quickly.

Ponds and birdbath’s must be kept clean and have good filtration or circulation.

Build Bat houses on your property or in your yard.
Bats eat thousands of the insects every day.

Encourage toads, frogs and lizards on your property…also dine on the mosquitoe and the larva.

I use Essential oils for repellents and for after the bite if I happen to get one.

Thai lemon grass (Cymbopogon citratus) is a very effective repellent if it will grow in your area. It will also grow well in greenhouse settings or in a pot.

It contains an ingredient very similar to citronella oil, I use it in cooking and to keep the mosquitoe’s away…works better than citronella, safe and easy and clean to use.

Take one stalk of fresh lemon grass (grip it near the ground and give it a sharp sideways tug to break it off from the clump), peel off the outer leaves, snap off the grass blades behind the swollen stem at the base. Bend the stem between your fingers, loosening it, then rub it vigorously between your palms so that it breaks into a kind of fibrous juicy mass, and rub this over all exposed skin, covering thoroughly at least once. Pleasant on the skin and effective for me…100%…99% of the time.

Can also make a tincture that can be used as a spray.

Once you have a bit, and as soon as possible, wash with something cleansing, dry and rub with Chickweed cream, Tea Tree Oil or in my case I use the leaves from Lemon Balm to rub the bite, kills the nasties and stops the itch.

I’m sure Faye can enlighten us a lot about other oils for this purpose.

Most of the country has the extra large mosquitoe’s this year and not sure what they impart when they have you for dinner.

Another important reason for building and maintaining a strong immune system….we can’t always avoid being infected with something out of our control, but, if our immune system is strong it makes a huge difference how it impacts our health. ( lighten up on the sugar and processed foods…the biggest enemy of our immune system)

Have an OutReach October weekend~

Bea Kunz

Great info from two very diverse viewpoints, solid information on both sides. Yeah for crowd sourced answers! Now to tackle those blood suckers!

Lemon Grass
Lemon Grass by Cliff1066