Adding Photos to Your Blog

Creative Commons License photo credit: seyed mostafa zamani
Three years back I wrote a post about why you shouldn’t grab images from google images and post to your blog.

I love photos, both taking my own, and viewing the work of others. I’m amazed at the talent out there. Love that through flickr we have images we have permission to use through creative commons. (Not all Flickr images, just ones which give permission.)

Yet, it is extra time to find the images, upload them to my post, add proper credits and I’ve been wishing for a plugin to do such, just hadn’t taken the time to search for such before now.

Enter Photo Dropper. You can search for it under add new plugins in your admin panel, install, activate. With you mouse wherever you want to add an image, scroll down, way below where you type in your post and you’ll find photo dropper browse photos. Better yet, click on the photo dropper icon by your other add media buttons.

Type in your keyword, photos pop up, pick one, click on what size you want and it is inserted into your post. Viola! Couldn’t be easier!

Do go to settings after you install your plugin, then photo dropper. Make sure the for commercial use button in checked.

Thank you photo dropper, now if only the photo was uploaded to my media library instead of linking through flickr, so the thumbnails would show up in certain themes which do such.

Have You Been Stuffified?

dangerous driving

OK, life gets busy. I mean we all have stuff to do. Places to go. Things to do. Kids to pick up and drop off. Games. Classes. Parents to help out. Dishes need washing. So do the clothes. Garbage out. Food cooked. Shopping to replace food stuff. Games, online and off.

Phones ring, cell phone too. Texting. Chat. eMail. Instant communication interrupting our lives 24/7 unless we turn them off.

Yards to take care of, vehicles too. More stuff to buy.

I learned a new word today, it is very appropriate:


When we let stuff get in the way of doing what is really important (or interrupting what is really important) we’ve been stuffified.

Now much of this stuff is useful, tools to serve us. But are we using our tools wisely or letting our tools rule us?

Photo by WoodleyWonderWorks