Farmin’ in the HOOD

First, watch the video. The Urban Farming Guys explain what they are all about better than I.

This group is connecting in so many ways:

  • Connect with nature – Growing food stuff, plants, animals, aquaponic system, alternate energy.
  • Connect with family – It is fun the watch the kids learn how to do stuff working with their parents, working together, growing family ties.
  • Connect with friends 20 families moved together, working together on various projects
  • Connect within their community – Crime rate has gone way, way down. They didn’t isolate themselves from the rough neighborhood they moved into. They interact with their community, pay attention to what is going on, take action.
  • Connect with rest of the world Great use of social media, through their website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, all very well done. “Sharing Knowledge . . . Feeding Nations”

A few weeks ago I did a search for land prices in the Detroit area. How bad is it really? How far did the real estate market drop. I found vacant lots as low as a couple hundred dollars. Homes where your house payment was only a fraction of cost of the property tax. (hopefully those appraised values will move down to market cost). It reminded me of what the Urban Farming Guys are doing. People is Detroit could take a lesson from them. Heck, we all could. If only our government would learn.