1. How do I keep up with my friends in today’s hectic lifestyle?
  2. My family is scattered miles apart, how can we continue to stay in touch?
  3. OK, I know I need an online presence, how to I go about building one?
  4. I need a tech tutorial that isn’t written in Geek.
  5. How do I personalize my business so I don’t sound like every other business in my niche?
  6. Frustrated figuring out how to market your business online as an independant sales rep?
  7. How do I build customer loyalty with my clients?
  8. I want to build strong connections and increase word of mouth referrals for my business.

Questions about Connecting with Others
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These are all questions I had, as I went online to search for answers. I was clueless.

Why would I want a blog? Isn’t that like an online diary? Why would anyone want a public diary? Who would want to read such? What is a web host? Now that I have one, what do I do with it? Spent hours, weeks, months, learning to make a website, when what I really needed was a content management system such as wordpress.

I found a birthday card to my sister still stuck in a desk drawer, from 2 years earlier, never mailed. First I had to remember to pick up a card when at a store, then I had to find my address book, stamps, by then I’d misplaced the card, etc. Never had all 3 together at the same time. I have no idea what happened to the card. Hopefully it finally made it in the mail.

I counted one day I had around 100 first cousins. When was the last time I talked to any of them? Do I even know where they live? Heck, it is hard enough to stay in touch with my own siblings. I’m still working on that challenge.

Add the challenge of having your own businesses, balancing it around family and other commitments, I could use all the help I could get. So many great technology tools out there which help us do this. And I learned that I’m not the only one seeking such answers.

Follow me, Heidi Caswell, on my journey as I share ways I’ve learned to Connect Simply and Create Personal Touch in a High Tech World. Questions? Just ask. Share your favorite tools that you’ve found to help you communicate and connect with others. On the top of my list is SendOutCards, WordPress blogs, and social media.

Check out this interview by Rosie Horner:

Heidi Caswell

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  1. Hey, Just found your site… I a impressed. Looks great and I will certainly pass it on to others. Good work girl.


  2. Great Resource Site for Boomers Heidi!

    I’m an anti-aging coach who helps middle-aged adults look and feel young healthy and sexy into their nineties. It’s amazing how many different reasons lead to me recommending creating an online presence for my clients. Whether it’s more income, quality relationship connections, a way to give back, or just a place to engage in what they feel passionate about, a website or blog can be exactly what is needed. Heidi your blog answers the questions and makes to recommendations a new Boomer Blogger needs. I’ll certainly pass on a link to Connect Simply!

    May You Live 100 Years in Peace & Prosperity
    Austin Grady
    Anti-Aging Coach

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