Adding Tweet This Plugin to WordPress

I created a video to show some friends how to add a tweet this button to their blog posts (on wordpress). Tweet this adds a button to the bottom of your posts, making it easy for your readers to tweet what you say. It can be set to shorten the url’s, add facebook, digg, stumble upon, plurk etc buttons.

There are many, many twitter tools, some of which are wordpress plugins. Plugins add functionality to your website. I think they are very cool. Only add and activate plugins which you want to use on your website. Sometimes a plugin may have a conflict with another plugin. So I prefer adding one new plugin at a time, making sure my wordpress website still works, etc. Some plugins, too many plugins may slow down the load time of your site. Have the plugins you use serve a purpose.

Twitter Plugins for WordPress

Auto Tweet Your Posts

Adding Tweet This Plugin to a WordPress Blog (and you can do the same thing to add other plugins–a fun thing to do).

4 thoughts on “Adding Tweet This Plugin to WordPress

  1. Thanks so much for this plugin suggestion Heidi. I installed it and posted this post on my
    So I am looking forward to more, more, more.

  2. That is great–can it be done easily for blogger?

  3. Thanks for another great tip. I just posted on Twitter for those who don’t already know how to do this (like me).

    Happy Wednesday,


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