Advice for New Graduates?

It has been many years since my own graduation, and thankfully I’ve continued to learn through life’s experiences. I’m not alone. Take a few minutes and think, what would you share with new graduates? What piece of advice do you wish you’d listened to back then?

I’d like to share the advice given by JK Rowlings to Harvard graduates in 2008.

This weekend my son Doug graduates from high school. So does many of his friends. Next year, 2010 I’ll have another son graduate from La Tech, while his two older brothers will complete their masters, hopefully they won’t be at the same time. I’d like to invite my readers to take this time to share your own piece of advice. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Advice for New Graduates?

  1. Jimmy Carter’s mother (Miss Lillian) spoke at my college commencement and one of the best peices of advice she gave (that I carry with me to this day) is NEVER STOP LEARNING. Just because your high school or college days may end, doesn’t mean your education has to. Always strive to learn more because knowledge is power.

    I have passed that on to my daughter as well.

  2. Follow your dreams! Whatever desire you have in your heart…it’s not silly. It’s been put there for a reason. There are no limits to what you can achieve, as long as you knock on lots of doors, and when they open, go through them.

    Life isn’t all about money. It’s about living life, relationships, giving back, and leaving this world with a legacy to those you leave behind of honesty, integrity, and knowing you fulfilled your purpose here.

  3. High school graduation is such a turning point in one’s life. It’s the demarkation point between late childhood and moving into young adulthood. I wish your son and his friends the best as they move forward with their lives. There are so many great points to make at this special time and I think both Beverly and Pam have stated their thoughts well. I might add creating and keeping an attitude of gratitude in your heart. We are often so blessed and need to remind ourselves of the bountiful gifts of life and be grateful.

  4. One of the most important things I would urge graduates to take on board is to question the media or just ignore it completely. Often, the media would have us believe that the graduate jobs market is almost non-existent and that graduates have wasted years of their life. It is simply not true and if you ask me, poor graduate careers advice and the media both have a lot to answer for when it comes to disillusioned graduates.

    Your degree is what you make of it. Employers are often concerned with more than the class or the discipline. They’ll want to see experience, (so go grab some while you’re job-hunting) they’ll want soft skills, they’ll want someone who will be able to work with the team they already have established. A lot of the time, there are far more important things than class and discipline.

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