Using Animoto to Create Videos for SOC Video Cards

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I always like playing with new tools. One of the newest is SendOutCards video cards. You take a video, place it on youtube, create a card in the cool SendOutCards (also known as SOC) system. Your Youtube link is turned into a QR code which is printed on your greeting card. After sending the card, your loved one can scan the QR code with their smart phone, ipad, etc, and your video will play for them. Fun!

So what is a QR code, it is that black and white cube top of the post, looks and acts like a bar code. My son Tim Caswell was telling me about these a couple years back, how they made cool business cards.

So the next question is how do I make a video? There are many ways. One is grab your video camera, take pictures of your child’s first steps, first birthday, graduation, upload to youtube. A real estate agent could give a virtual tour of a home. Many uses.

One quick option is to create a quick video using photos/video with Animoto. Watch the video below to see how easy it can be to create such a cool and professional video.

Here is the video I created for my grandkids. Shh! Don’t tell them about it, the cards are in the mail, it’s a surprise.

Have fun with Animoto

Heidi Caswell
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One thought on “Using Animoto to Create Videos for SOC Video Cards

  1. If you’ve used Animoto in the past and maybe walked away from it because the rendering took too long, this would be a good time to go back. We did a quick test between the old and new sites building a 30-second movie. The new site rendered the video in less than a minute. The old site took more than 10 minutes. The process for building a movie has been streamlined, too. Again, you can check that out in the slideshow below.

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