Auto-Tweet Your Posts

Feed Your Blog to Twitter
Feed Your Blog to Twitter

Anything that saves me time and helps me keep up (somewhat) with all these social media trends is a good thing.

One thing I like about twitter is that I can feed my tweets to Facebook, and feed my blog’s feed to twitter. Anytime I create a new post it goes straight to twitter then Facebook. More links to my blog, and those friends and followers who hang out there are informed of my new posts. Auto-tweets.

There are several wordpress plugins that work with twitter. I don’t know which work best, but feel free to share you favorite twitter tools and plugins. If you want your tweets to show up on your blog, check out the twittertools plugin and other twitter tools.

I am using, a very simply way to feed your rss feeds to twitter. I signed up for twitter and facebook same day. Two places I kept putting off investigating. To my surprise there was a twitter ap in the left side of facebook, so I filled it in and happy days, my tweets were now on face book.

Twitterfeed, “. . .feed your blog to twitter.”

8 thoughts on “Auto-Tweet Your Posts

  1. Thanks for the info on this. I’m definitely all for finding ways to streamline my social networking. I should add Twitterfeed to my social networking grid page (, with credit to you for showing it to me.

  2. Thanks Blake,
    I also noticed that when I edited post, it did not re-tweet. Good to know.

  3. Heidi,

    This is good stuff. I am stretched to the limit of my patience with absorbing all these new tools. It’s good to have friends who do some of the heavy lifting and filtering 🙂

    Your link to twitterfeed was purple, indicating that I had visited the site in the past. Apparently, I never bothered to register. LOL

    I’ll give it a try.



  4. Okay…I’ll bite:) My thoughts were similar to yours…then read Falicity’s WIN post and thought about it more…and have been invited to Twitter by several friends.

    So…here goes!

  5. Thanks Mitch! Susan glad to see you on twitter. Fun tool it is.

  6. Thanks so much for this post!

    I have been using twitterfeed but wasn’t familiar with “twittertools”

    Keep being awesome!


  7. You are so right. Twitterfeed works quite well to add your blog posts to your twitter profile. One process goes like this – add twitter tools to your wordpress blog ( then tell it to send your blog posts to your twitter profile automatically). also lets you do more social media posting – it will open up a whole new world for you. It’s a mind blower!

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