Blog Action Day

Blogs are becoming a great media tool. A way to quickly get your information to a lot of people. Why not blog for a cause?

Oct. 15 is blog action day, a day set aside to blog for the environment. Bloggers all around the world will be blogging in support of our environment. Thanks to Jeanie Marshall for the heads up in her post:

Announcing the October 15 Blog Action Day: A Day to Blog for the Environment

You don’t have to go off-topic on your blog, put some thought into it over the next few days. What is one thing in your field that you can share to help the environment? Do some brain storming. Click on the link below for more information, and sign up your blog as a participant.

blog action day



2 thoughts on “Blog Action Day

  1. Hi, I’m planning to post on behalf of the environment. One site has a challenge for bloggers to be part of Bloggers Unite for the Environment at Joyful, Jubilant Learning.

  2. My blog action is a tribute to the environment…with animated shorts, award-winning documentaries, newsbites by leading conservationists from around the Globe, and reviews of films like DiCaprio’s 11th hour.
    Check it out!

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