Blog Hopping for Jewels

Rose Jewels
Photo by The Gifted Photographer

The internet is great. So much good stuff shared freely. You can learn how to do many things, whether it is making a diaper cake, a herbal education, visit places which use alternative energy, learn to do cool things on your blog, even online magazines. Blogs can contain videos, an audio podcast, enjoy beautiful photos from faraway lands. Families can use blogs to connect with their extended families, tell a story. Individual can use blogs to make a political statement, support a cause, express religious beliefs, to teach a group of people, inspire others, share their feelings.

So take some time today and visit some blogs, interact with others, add your thoughts to the conversation, you’ll find some jewels. Not sure where to go? Click on some of the links above, visit the ones below, read the comments, find a commenter you like, click on their name and visit their site, make new friends. Find a place you really like, bookmark it, subscribe to the rss feed, subscribe by email, digg it, stumble it, tweet, share on facebook, whatever fits your style.

I’d like to share a couple of gems I found today.

I’ve not visited Skelly’s blog in a while, almost forgot about it, except for her tip on using images from Flickr. But I’ve always liked everything I’ve read over there, past time to visit. I wasn’t disappointed. My kids are making decisions about school, career’s, life. I always advice them to find something they enjoy doing. To find their talents, passions. This applies to each of us, no matter what our age, our stories aren’t set in stone, still being written. In fact I have a new site in the works about this very subject. The HalfBaked Podcast. So Skellie’s post How to Find Your Hidden Talent was today’s must read. Check it out.

Christine Kane is always an inspiration. I love her post Extreme All-or-Nothing and Your Other Three Tires.

“A flat tire! On your brand new shiny car! How the heck did THAT happen?

What do you do?

Well, it is YOU after all. So you do the only logical thing.

You say, “Screw it.” You reach into your backpack, get out your camping knife – and slash the other three tires.

Hey, why even bother if they’re not all working?”

Visit Christine’s post and see what flat tires have to do with your dreams. While visiting, be sure to check out her music.

Be sure and share some of your favorite blog posts, whether by you or someone else, in the comments below. Let’s build a pile of jewels.

5 thoughts on “Blog Hopping for Jewels

  1. This post is a wonderful example of using metaphors in blogging. How cool. So well written and I love your use of textual linking.
    The entire blog is an assortment of precious metals.

  2. Oops, I realized that I did not give you another blog jewel. Well, one of my fav rubys is an art blog,
    Ok, shameless plug for my hubby, but the blog is a gem. He posts assignments given to his art students. He also will showcase their work. You can feel like you are taking the class without paying for the credits.
    Oh, and you inspired me to create a blog series. You are the first featured post on What Does a Good Blog Post Look Like?

  3. Thanks Rosie!
    I’m glad that your included Ray’s blog, he is a talented artist and teacher as well. It is an honor to be the first of your series. 🙂

  4. Heidi,

    Love your blog! Precious gems in it for sure. I will definitely be back to check out the links you provided.

    Blessings in blogging,

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