Blue Moon Rings in 2010

Blue Moon by OliBak

The end of a year, beginning of a new one. Time passes. Has it really been a year since I put together Signs of Hope for 2009?

Although I’ve not been happy with many things which have gone on in my country, more government control, more taxes, more breaks for large corporations who mismanage their money, etc. I love the people. People give me hope.

None of us are perfect, I know I’m not. Doesn’t mean we are bad, inferior products. Nope not in the least. Just not finished yet. Half Baked in fact. Still writing our stories.

Life is a trip, a journey. We grow, we learn. Sometimes we stumble, make mistakes, but that is part of the process. How would we have ever learned to walk if we never tried again after the first time we fell. Worse yet, what if we never tried in the first place because we saw someone else fall.

With the various problems facing the world today, I love watching people. Good people. They care about each other, their neighbors. They become better people, take care of their health, volunteer time helping others, teach others a skill, encourage others, learn something new to improve their lives. Have spirit, passion. Fight against corruption. Plan for a better future. Doing something to make life better instead of complaining, not expecting to have everything given to them but working for it themselves.

As long as we have good people, standing side by side, cheering each other on, we’ll have many more blue moons in our lifetime and a better world.

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