Cards to Iraq – Cards from Iraq

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If you read my post on Remembering Loved Ones in Iraq, you will understand how those serving, whether military or civilian miss their homes and loved ones.

July is a celebration of our country and its freedoms and I thought it would be cool to see how many smiles we can put on the faces of those away from home. If you know anyone serving in Iraq, please send them a physical greeting card, I’ll pay for the first one. And/or forward this information to those serving and they can send a card back to their loved ones at home. As it is printed and mailed in the US, it will make it home in record time.

  • Forward this url or/and use it yourself:
  • Click on the banner and turn up your speakers
  • Follow the audio prompts and send a card
  • Feel free to upload photos inside the card
  • If you want make your own card by adding a photo, after sending your first card, click on main menu, system training, then picture plus.
  • If you get stuck, contact me.

This is not a commentary on the pros/cons of the war. The purpose here is to brighten the days of those families whose lives are in a turmoil because they have a family member serving, whether military or civilian. Feel free to pass on this offer. Go brighten a day!


4 thoughts on “Cards to Iraq – Cards from Iraq

  1. Heidi, I’ve always loved photography. Your site is awesome. How long have you been doing photography?

  2. Hi Lukeither,

    Thanks for your kind words. Glad that you like. Now these photos from Iraq are not mine, but ones free to use from the Soldier’s Media Center on Flickr giving proper credit. (different flickr accounts give different permissions.)

    How long taking photos? I lost count. An on and off thing most of my life. Loving the digital world.

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