But Words Will Never Hurt Me

An unusual game of chess
Photo by Lonesome: Cycler

Sticks and Stone will break my bones, but words will never hurt me. . .

But is that really true? Yes, words may not cause your physical body harm. Words do hurt, whether they be the words out of your mouth, something you wrote, or what others say about you.

Look at the past US presidential campaign, much money, time and effort was spent by each side trying to discredit thei2w competition. I’m sure we’ll see more of this as things gear up for the next election. I think that has been the nature of the thing since the beginning of politics. Look at the words both sides use, chosen to discredit the other party, pulling at our emotions, telling us what our opinion should be, implying we are stupid if we support/vote for their opponent. All the negative vibes make it tempting to ignore politics altogether, but it would not be wise to let others decide among themselves how the country is run.

It is not just the campaign people, but our news media too. Recently, I heard on the radio “Even Ron Paul didn’t sound crazy.” Implies that he usually is crazy. Words, you can spin either way, positive or negative. I’ve also heard some very harsh criticism of Obama. Instead of taking things for fact, check it out. And no if you aren’t for Pres. Obama doesn’t mean you are a racist.

Read “If the Titanic Sank Today, here’s how the President, the media and Wall Street would spin it” Here are a couple examples, great if you need a laugh:

“Al Gore: That iceberg wouldn’t have even been there if the polar caps weren’t melting.

The Congressman: Quick, let’s pass a new law that says ships shall not sink.”

Words can be written or spoken. Both have great power. On the internet, they have power to go viral.
Just ask AOL and their customer service. Or Twitter Moms and Motrin.

Things I’ve Learned From My Kids

Mad Barber

In honor of Mother’s Day, a little true life humor for mothers everywhere.

  • Money can burn a hole in your pocket. Add a 9 volt battery to a pocket full of pennies.
  • Bread twist ties will conduct electricity, esp. when you put directly into wall plug. Blackens fingers too. Caution, loud pop may be heard and parents will investigate.
  • Your little sister’s dolls attached to ceiling fan, doesn’t usually break any windows when they fly off.
  • Jumping off the roof into the back of a pickup truck makes for a hard landing, better to hit the softer ground.
  • Riding your bike into a UPS truck can cause you to lose 3 years of memory.
  • Riding your bike too close to your sibling during a race can cause the handle bars to lock up and result in a very bad case of road rash.
  • Miscalculating the size of a hole when jumping over on your bike has been known to crack bike helmets, even the frame of your bike.
  • Taking the brakes off your skates and speeding down a steep hill can cause you to do a flip when you hit the divider in the middle of the road down below, landing you in a driveway, and creating more road rash.
  • Jumping in front of a log rolling down hill, can cause the log to knock you down and roll over you.
  • No such thing as a child safe home. Toddlers will gladly open child proof medicines and cabinets for you.
  • A toddler can dismantle their crib, removing all the bars.
  • Car cigarette lighters can burn your fingers if you heat them up and put your finger in it. Then you have the dilemma, “If I tell Mom I burnt my finger, she’ll know I played with the lighter which was off limits, but it hurts so bad.”
  • Standing under a tree throwing bricks up to knock down your ball usually ends with a trip to the emergency room.
  • Tripping down the steps at the hospital on the way home can land you back in the emergency room.
  • So can fainting.
  • You can play in a mud puddle without getting your clothes dirty by taking them off.
  • Rocking chairs are not the most stable thing to climb on to reach that computer your parents put on the tall shelf. One more way to get back to that emergency room.
  • Your sister’s hair elastics with the balls on the end make great sling shots. Care is needed when you bite one ball and pull elastic with hand. If your hand lets go before your teeth, it backfires, chipping tooth.
  • You can also break teeth playing gutterball in the pool, best not to do this Friday afternoons, dentists are hard to find.
  • If you sneak out of the house for a trip to the store while your big brothers are busy playing computer games, picking out some candy bars, saying “I’m hungry! I don’t have any money. I don’t know where my mom is!” does not get you candy bars, but a ride home in police car.
  • Some girls will do anything for chocolate, including a preschooler grabbing a container of chocolate frosting, locking herself in a room, hiding under the computer desk, taking screwdrivers with her so no one can unlock the door before chocolate is consumed.