“We the People”

Flower fireworks
Flower fireworks

Independance Day! Love that word, independance. July 4th we celebrate the birthday of our country.

Fireworks, picnics, swimming, boats, sunburns, watermelon, barbeque, hamburgers. Good times with family and friends. We, the people of the United States are able to celebrate however we wish. A freedom we enjoy. Freedom we would love our kids and our grandkids to enjoy.

The thing is, we have to work at this freedom thing. Our independance was earned through much blood and tears on the part of our ancestors. They wanted us to be able to maintain this freedom. Our founding fathers took great care writing our constitution, checks and balances. Safeguards so a person or group of people did not have too much power.

Justice and liberty for all, no matter what color or gender, all (of age) can vote. Another hard fought battle.

Something we take for granted.

Things change. Not always for the good. We get lazy. Life gets busy. Rather than do our own research, it is much easier to pass on the emails our friends send us. Instead of looking at each individual who runs for office, another short cut is taken, and many vote along political party lines. Shame we can’t know each canidate on a personal level, if we did, making wise voting decisions would be much easier. Then there are those who vote based on gender, race, or even as one lady told me: “I voted for him because I’d rather see and hear that one on TV and radio the next four years.

Decisions are being made which not only have impact on us, but an even greater impact on our kids and grandkids. Right now our government is running up a great big bill which they will have the responsibility to pay back. Yes, things need to change, but consider the direction. How will that work out in the long term?

I’ve always hesitated to join either political party. One of my quirks. Wonder how life would change if we had more than 2 major parties? Yes I know there are other smaller parties, many believe you should never vote for them because they won’t win and your are just throwing away your vote. If we believe that (both the democrats and republicans want us to believe such), then it will become true. But what if we voted for the people, independant of whatever political party they belonged to, even the smaller 3rd parties? If everyone did that what would be the result?

I don’t think we should vote straight party lines on anything. People are people, good and bad on either side. Some care more for the people, others for the lobbyists and campaign supporters. Each new piece of legislation has its own pros and cons, shouldn’t that be the basis for our representative’s votes? not what their political party’s agenda? or whoever else is financing their campaigns. Elections become a big marketing event, lots of money involved. Without supporters contributions, it is hard to win.

I’d be the first to admit I’m not doing as much as I should. This past election I wasn’t thrilled with any of the presidental canidates. It hit me, how are those canidates chosen? Did I do anything towards helping others get those spots? Did I even have any idea of who else would have been a better choice? Just sitting back and waiting for such decisions to be made for me isn’t very independant is it? Sadly I’m not the only one.

We, the people of the United States, should not be lazy, should not give up rights to having a voice in our government. Yes, often we may not have a clue as to what is going on. Whose fault is that? Too many time we take the easy way out, let others make such decisions for us because it is easier than doing our own research. Cutting more corners. But we can’t escape the consequences of our actions. Consider what if everyone did this? How effective would it be?

Images by me. 🙂

Happy Earth Day!

Red Clover

Happy Earth Day!

Step outside, take time to smell the roses. In this case it is smell the red clover. Then give our planet a present. Walk instead of taking the car, plant a garden, recycle things you no longer need through Freecycle.org, bag your groceries in recycled bags, etc.

Need more ideas visit EarthDay.net .

What are your plans for earth day? Celebrate year around, not just one day a year.

Psst. . . with Mother’s day around the corner, why not send her a beautiful card printed on recycled paper.

Signs of Hope for 2009

It has been a wonderful Christmas, filled with family all around, enjoying each others company. Nice to have most of my kids home, and that is a house full, happy chaos!

As 2008 comes to a close and we head into 2009, it is a time for reflection. Joy and thankfulness for all the good things this year has brought, lessons learned, in both life and business.

Where do I want to be in 2009?

If I could not fail, what things do I want to have happen in 2009?

What do I need to do to get from point a to point b?

Do it!

Remembering back in high school, we were discussing plans after high school. She was not enthusiastic.

“Maybe I’ll get a job at a local sewing factory, they pay a little over minimum wage.”

“So many choices and things to do” I said. “Why limit yourself to the one thing? There are many good things you can do with your life”

“Maybe for you” she said. “You can do anything, school was easy for you, me I struggle”

“So can you, you have many talents, being able to do well on a test does not mean you will do well in life, it is what you do with your own unique gifts”

“I don’t have any, and I never have any good luck” she said.

I disagreed, but I could not get her to see things otherwise. I felt like I had failed her in some way. Surely she could see endless potential. Later in life I learned that some have closed their minds to change, growth. I’ve wished I had a special can opener that would open their minds so they could see what I see. To open a mind and pour in hope, belief, dreams, knowledge of a bright future and the desire to do something about it.

Our attitude effects our life, and we’ve all heard the saying about the glass half empty or full, but I like this one better:

“Regardless if your glass is half full or half empty, it ain’t overflowing. Shatter it to pieces. Start over and fill it up completely.” Dean Hua

Lacking a mind opening can opener, so I can pour in some hope, I’m sharing some of my photos which to me are signs of hope. Click on the image at the top of this post and enjoy! Thanks to Angela Betts images of hope idea.

You can do anything you want in 2009, just find a way and do it, helping others along the way, not running them over!

Giving Thanks

I wanted to take a moment and thank each one of you for the blessings you add to my life. Amazing the friends I’ve met, things I’ve learned, business generated through online connections. I’m thankful for my family, friends, home. . .

I could go on and on but didn’t want to put everyone asleep with general thankyou’s. Showing gratitude, telling people thank you, instead of taking them for granted, not only brightens another person’s day, but yours too.

I forget to say Thank You as much as I should, especially to those close to home, my family. Somehow we think, yes, they know I love them, appreciate them, but when was the last time we said it out loud. Our family, friends are a blessing in our lives, I challenge each of you to join me in telling those close to home how much they mean to us, how much they are loved and appreciated.

Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving. ~W.T. Purkiser

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tribute to Randy Pausch

I’d been meaning to buy Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture book, just ordered from Amazon today, he was very much on my mind. I wondered how he was doing, visited his website, sad to see note posted yesterday that he was doing poorly, in hospice. Then the twitter notices came in. Randy Pausch died today.

Paying tribute to Randy Pausch!

August 2007 he was told he had 3-6 months to live, he made it to end of July 2008.

“We don’t beat the reaper by living longer. We beat the reaper by living well, and living fully, for the reaper will come for all of us. The question is what do we do between the time we are born and the time he shows up. Cause when he shows up it’s too late to do all the things that you’re always were kinda going to get around to.” Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch was very passionate about life, living his dreams, his relationships with others, his love for his family.

In honor of Randy Pausch I challenge each of you to live life to the fullest, not the leave the important stuff undone, to follow his example.

If you haven’t already seen these videos of Randy’s Last Lecture or his lecture on Time Management, they are well worth your time.

Last Lecture

Time Management