Adding Buttons and Banners to Your Ryze Page

You already know how to add a picture using html, now we are going to turn that image into a link. Short lesson.

<a href=”url of website you want to link to”><img src=”url of image”/></a>

To change the Sage Hill Farm to a clickable button, this is the code we will use:

<a href=”” mce_href=”” > <img src=”” mce_src=”” /> </a >

And we have:

Sage Hill Farms

Adding Photos to Ryze

I belong to the Fun with Photography network. We post photos in our forum posts, give each other advice, encouragement, tips. I know that I have learned much from the other members, improved my skills, and encouraged me to continue. About once a month, one of the new members will ask “How do I add my photo into a post?”

It works the same way as adding extra pictures to a Ryze page. Ryze allows you to upload one photo as a basic member and 5 as a gold member. These images are stored on Ryze’s servers, using their memory, bandwidth. Ryze gives us another option. We are able to use html in our network posts and under the edit home page contents link. (On the left, right below your blog and website links.) These directions will work for both forum posts and home page contents. If you decide that you want to do more, there is a network on Ryze called Home Page Helpers.

1. Upload the Photo/Image The image must be stored somewhere online, often as a jpg, gif, png, etc. There are several places to do that. Many internet providers offer space, an online photo service, on your blog, etc. PhotoBucket is one of the more popular places to upload photos. It even provides the html code for your image, so you can just cut and paste this code into your post or homepage and it’s done. Flickr is a good site, but not if you want world-wide coverage. Several Mid-Eastern countries block Flicker, which means that they’ll get a big x instead of your image. (Also get an x if the hosting website is down). I have many of my photos hosted at CareToConnect online community. Blogger lets you upload pictures also.

2. Find the URL URL is the webaddress of your image. Ryze has to know where your image is. Right click on the image, click on properties, and you’ll see the URL . In our example, I went to Bea’s Beatitudes scrolled down her button or Sage Hill Farms, right clicked and copied the url.

3. Type in the image html code Type the code:
<img src="url" />
and add any desired text. Our example code is
<img src="

And you’ll see the button image, with the words smashed up against the image.

4. Give yourself some space <p> will give you a new paragraph, adds a new line and space. So give yourself some space and add some p’s (Note </p> closes each paragraph)

Congratulate yourself, you can now add images. In this case, we wanted the image to be a clickable button, one that takes you to Sage Hill Farms. See our next lesson–Adding buttons and banners.

Connecting on Ryze is one of my favorite spots to network for business online. There is always a learning curve when you learn something new. Patricia has been so kind and to put together some links that make a wonderful little primer on how to use Ryze effectively. Thank you so much.


Enjoy, this is from Althea Garner’s Networkers First Stop Training Board! Hugs Patricia


Now I want to just share some more wonderful and very helpful links that I have been posting on my own board found on the Networkers First Stop Training board (mentioned in the guide) moderated by Althea Garner and co moderated by Scott Allen (The Virtual Handshake ).

These tips are drawn from various discussions during their time here on ryze and formulated into a jumping off platform of general help only (always be sure to review and go back to Ryze’s TOS and Guidelines) to help all of us better navigate and utilize our memberships!

From the Networkers First Stop Training Board

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