Books for Your Niche

I’ve had the honor this week to be this week’s guest on a discussion involving finding your niche and building your niche, on the Ryze group Women in Networking

Today I listed some books that I’ve found helpful to me, and decided to share this list with my blog readers. I’m sure there are many other book books out there, many of which I’ve not read yet. Add books that you’ve read, which help you build your own niche to this list.

8th Habit by Stephen Covey
Years back I took classes from Stephen Covey and have enjoyed his books. When I read his 7 Habits book, it was deja vu, stories and examples I heard in class. 8th Habit is different, takes things a step further. Shows the difference when someone finally finds their niche, where their unique talents and needs of the world line up together.

E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber
You want to own your business, not have your business own you. This book will take you through the steps of getting a new business off the ground to where it is up and running, where it can grow, without overwhelming your life.

Endless Referrals by Bob Burg
Once you decide your niche, building through referrals is my favorite way, beats cold calling and advertising any day. Both this book and the next one are great resources if you love referrals too.

29% Solution by Ivan Misner
Gives you a whole year worth of things to do to build a better network.

Tribes by Seth Godin
Very intersting book. With the internet, word travels quickly and through the use of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. One can lead and create movements easier than any time before. Movements are needed, leaders are needed. Not whoever is the smartest, but whoever is willing to step out of comfort zone and do something different.

ProBlogger by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett
The internet is a great way to market your niche, learn from some pros who are making a great income throught their niche using blogs.

Go for No by Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz
Short little book, couple hours to read tops, once your read it you will understand why we should be collecting no’s, not avoiding them. Helps you make money with your niche.