What Stories do You Write in Your Mind?

“I’m bad”
“Why do you think you are bad?”
“My mom says I’m bad, my sister lives with her but I don’t because I’m bad”
“My aunt says I’m bad, she took my sister to Six Flags but not me because I’m bad. She doesn’t lie, so I know I’m bad”
“No, you are not bad, some of your actions are bad such as when you slugged . . . on the playground, but you also know h
ow to be good like when you helped . . .”
“I’m bad, my dad thinks so too. I live with him”
“No you aren’t bad, you are free to choose your actions”

A conversation I had with a disruptive 4 year old, years back while teaching pre-school. I’d spend time talking to him at naptime, he needed someone who’d listen.


My son was shocked when he was working as a office aid at middle school, and one of the parents had to be pulled off the staff. She was very angry with the school because her child believe he could grow up and be a somebody. How dare they set up her child for a very big fall? He’d never amount to anything, she said. And the teacher kept teaching somebodies.

Hopes and dreams, some keep them burning very much alive, others don’t. How about you? What are you feeding your mind? do you care for others and help them believe in themselves? What is your story?

I thought it was cool to see the song/video Kody Bateman wrote for the 2007 SendOutCards convention. If you’d like to watch that video, let me know and I’ll send out a link.

Most importantly, what stories do you write in your mind? How do you influence other’s stories?