Screen Capture on the Fly – Jing Project

So many tools, so many sites to visit, too many things to learn, information overload.

Yet anything that comes without a 100+ page user manual, that you can download and use right out of the box, is great. Especially if it requires less mouse clicks than other aps.

Click here, Watch the video and enjoy!

I plugged in my headset, spoke through its mic, hit stop when done, clicked the button to save and share as embedded video, and the code was added to my clipboard. Opened new blog post, hit paste, and there it is.

Couldn’t be simpler!

Update: When I posted to blog, video was wider than the space on my blog, easy to fix, in the code (also known a gobblegook), I changed the width to 450. 🙁 Sadly I now only get a portion of the screen, even when I play, possibly even losing the click to play button. I can add the link, not the same as embedded video. I’ll play with this some, and if I come up with an easy solution, I’ll let you know.