Changing the Color of a Background Image – Gimp

As I test Jing Project, I’m using it for a few short tutorials. This first one is how to change the background image using Gimp.

Video is a great way to share, and Jing is quick and easy to do. I am limited to 5 minutes or less, which is great. Short and sweet works. In order to add the Gimp toolbar, I had to record a wider screen capture than what fits here, so you see it bleeds over into my side bar. I can always make a wider blog so these videos fit.

5 thoughts on “Changing the Color of a Background Image – Gimp

  1. This looks like a fascinating tool. I hope someday to develop some of your technical skills–it must be great to have all those neat options to play with!

  2. Hi,

    Always a pleasure to see your beautiful face, and to read your articles and posts.

    This looks like a wonderful tool, and you are always so helpful and kind.

    Thank you for sharing,


  3. Fascinating learning the technique and about the tool. Thank you so much for the lesson.

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