Cure for Boredom

6 in 1 silver ring

Now this is amazing, my son Nathan took some 22 gauge wire and used a 6 in 1 European pattern to make himself this really cool ring. It all started years ago when his brother decided to order a bunch of rings to make his own chain mail for Canterberry tales at their high school. I had chain mail being worked on at the kitchen table for what seemed like years. So Nathan is using these same skills to create more things. That is one thing about my family, we all have this need to make and create something.

Here are a couple more:

metal cubes

Made of 12, 14, 16, 18, 19, and 20 gauge aluminum. The black one is anodized.

multi-metal cube

This is one of Nathan’s favorite cube, made of copper, bronze, brass, and aluminum.

5 thoughts on “Cure for Boredom

  1. Wow! That son of yours ought to get an etsy shop — ohmy! love these…

    I’m giggling thinking of the kitchen table covered with chain mail for years — I remember seeing patterns for making your own, and considering doing that when my son was in his swords, shields and armor phase — sooooo glad I didn’t as I KNOW my table would still be filled with metal (and scratches!).

    • Thanks Karen!
      His older brother’s first shipment of rings came from Canada. Problems in shipping, eventually the box broke and thousands of rings went everywhere, box arrived, smashed and taped up, no rings. Replacement package came in. Just picturing those rings pouring out of the box all over the floor when the shippers didn’t treat with care is worth a giggle.

  2. Ha! Yea, I can picture that! For me it’d be one of those “not so funny when it happened” moments – that feel way better after the fact – I have way too many similar stories – grin.

  3. The ring is pretty impressive. My mom has always been crafty and has done some beading and more advanced jewelry making, I keep telling her she should put some on etsy and I thought the same thing when I saw this. My mom won’t do it though because she’s afraid if she sold something and it happened to break en route or when the buyer was wearing it she would feel awful and not want to deal with returns, etc. 😛

    I came by from Empire Ave after reading your post on endorsing for points and realized that I’d gotten lazy and instead of reading and commenting before endorsing like I did when I started, I’d switched to pretty much just endorsing, so here I am, being better about connecting a little first 🙂

    • One of the issues with hand crafted, is charging enough to make it worth your while. Still I think his silver ring would bring a bit of $. Nathan is in grad school working on his phd in robotics, he has a lighter load this summer, I think he’ll keep it as a hobby. In high school he knitted a cap for his girlfriend in a couple of days in her favorite colors. First and only time he did such, on one of those circle thingies. She loved it and her grandmother was quite impressed.

      Thanks Chris. I think many of us got lazy and then it became a non-productive chore.

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