Easter Morning

This week has been amazing, trees everywhere have decided to bloom, sprout leaves. Green everywhere. I couldn’t resist visiting out land, hoping I’d find some dogwood trees. I’ve always wanted dogwood trees, ever since I was little. If there weren’t any on my land, I’d plant some. Searching through the woods we found some. 🙂

Dogwoods have a legend which tie them to Christ, and they are often in bloom on Easter.

To me, it is the new life all around which reminds me of Christ and his love for all, how we too may be resurrected.

No matter your religion, go outside, breath in the fresh air, enjoy nature, meditate. Life is good!

One thought on “Easter Morning

  1. Heidi, thanks for the visit to the beatitudes.

    I always enjoy visitig your blog.

    So glad you have dogwoods on your land, they just seem to finalize ownership. We have two in bloom and so peaceful to look at.


    Bea Kunz

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