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My son Tim, kept telling me use Firefox, it is safer, a better browser. And I’d still be using Internet Explorer. Not all websites work with Firefox, and I don’t want to learn one more thing.

Then I was learning CSS and asked Tim for some help and he had this cool extension with all kinds of tools which made my life simpler. I downloaded Firefox. Later I learned a few more Firefox extensions and how to use them (beats figuring it out yourself) from Marketing Ice. And I’ve kept my eyes open for new tools. I had no idea a browser could do so much. My list:

  • FirefoxDownload your free version.
  • WebDeveloper The first Firefox tool I was shown, many features, tools to help with webdesign, what sold me was being able to edit css to see what the changes will look like before uploading files to your website. Many one click tools.
  • FireBug I find myself using this one more than webdeveloper. Another cool webdesign tool. My favorite tool. I’d be lost without these first two.
  • Diigo tool Bar Great help for bookmarking, categorizing places you visit.
  • Search Status Gives me feedback about the page I’m on, shows nofollow links, links, page rank, etc.
  • Colorzilla A quick way to find the number code for any color on a webpage, a handy tool I wish I’d bumped into earlier.
  • Measure It A handy little ruler which you can use to measure pixels on a website, I found it will searching for the color tool.
  • GreaseMonkey An easy way to add code, I really don’t get this one, but know several who use it and say it is great. I know it is an easy way to add some kind of code and have only used it when someone walks me through it.
  • IE tab Let’s you click a button and see what the page you are viewing will look like on IE browser, often it is a little different. Habits are hard to break and I often just open an IE window.

Now what did I do before Firefox and all these cool tools. Please share your favorites.


5 thoughts on “Firefox Extensions

  1. Great list Heidi! I found a couple here that I have not used before and look to be very handy. Thanks!

  2. Heidi, that’s great information. Experimenting is nerve racking to me because I’m always afraid I’m going to mess something up. Information like this takes away some of the anxiety. Thanks.

  3. Karlyn,
    Glad you enjoyed the list. They are very handy tools that I’m very glad someone shared with me. Passing on the favor.

    I was there once. Another tip is to save the original code, change what you want and if it doesn’t work out, just reload the original code, back to start, no harm done.

  4. Heidi,

    Thanks so much for pointing me this way…I downloaded searchstatus and colorzilla, great!

    I am trying to find a plugin that I read about that sends an email out to the person who commented to your blog each time you reply to their comment, found it, but have to figure it out before I’d feel comfortable sharing it 🙂

    Thanks again…claudia

  5. Hi Heidi—

    Your list of add-ons truly saved me tonight, am sure I’ll be back to gather more. Firefox is by far alot better for me when webdesigning, good to know I have another resource to assist!

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