Flashback February Challenge

Connect with your past. Write it down. Share with others. Remember who you were way back then.

Someone reminded me of the time we got stranded on a dark, frigid, deserted road. Some many memories came back of other road trips, no wonder my dad has gray hair. I even went back to old photo albums to find pictures of way back then, found pictures of old friends and good times.

Turn on the Juke Box (click on picture of various artists) and it’ll take you back in time, sit a spell. Read about my road trips starting with Road Trip Flashback Part 1. Yep, that means more to came, adding a road trip story each week throughout Flashback February.

The Challenge is this, read my post. What memories does it bring? Comment and/or add your story to the comments or write on your own blog and come back and post a link to your message. Invite your friends to do the same on their blogs. Become a part of Flashback February. I look forward to reading your stories.

3 thoughts on “Flashback February Challenge

  1. I LOVE this idea! How FUN!
    1957 does bring back one special memory for me. It was the only time in my childhood that my parents bought a new car. They were thrifty in that regard and drove older models or bought second hand. But our coral and white 1957 Plymouth was the talk of the neighborhood. In fact, they took their friends on drives around the block just to show off the new and modern push button gears. The fins, by the way, were glorious!

  2. I’m doing something similar this month with my “Back Down Memory Lane” episodes on my BlogTalk Radio Show. Each week, I’m interviewing someone I grew up with in my hometown (or went to college with). On Valentine’s Day, I’m interviewing my high school sweetheart. Should be really interesting since he has no idea what questions I’m going to ask!

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