Gmail Adds Tasks

I use Gmail. I think it has one of the better spam filters. Love having email from various groups filtered into their own folders. Love searching for email, because filing things neatly into folders never worked for me.

This morning will checking my mail, I found a new link just above my chat labeled tasks. I took a few seconds and added my To-Do list, I’ll check them off as I go along.

I have other things I can use, which doesn’t always get done. I’m ADD and get distracted easily. What was I going to work on next after checking mail? Easy to see, there is my To Do list sitting right on my computer, reminding me what I’m to be working on. In just a couple of minutes I set up one for my SendOutCards business and another list for other stuff. I’ll try different things for this and see what works best for me.

Here is a quick video I made to show you how gmail tasks feature works.

6 thoughts on “Gmail Adds Tasks

  1. This is a cool way to share tech tips.

    Is that a jing movie uploaded to YouTube?



  2. Thanks Heidi. I’ll go check it out. Missed it this morning. I sure and use a to-list.

  3. Yep, that is Jing uploaded to YouTube. Screencast works too. Jing Pro makes it easy, I have a button I push after recording and it will automatically upload the video to my youtube account. Now to set up an ftp button on jing. Love things which save time, mouse clicks, etc.

  4. So cool! Reminds me I must start using Jing! Thanks for all the great tools and resources you share!

    The other Heidi

    Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher WE Magazine for Women

  5. Hi Heidi,

    Love my Gmail account,and like you, enjoying the tools it offers.
    BTW—your ‘Trip down memory lane’, had me doing a google-map search for HOURS! lol What another amazing resource, thanks, for the memories, tears & laughs 🙂

  6. Hi Heidi

    Can you provide the YouTube link when you get a chance? I am unable to view this with my browser for the moment (am upgrading my Flash plugin).


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