Gratitude for My Oldest Daughter

So many wonderful people in my life, friends both old and new, kind strangers, others whose talent and passion inspire me, and most especially my family. It is hard to mention just one, yet just one is the blogging assignment. Besides, as a Mom I have bragging rights.

Only fitting to start with my daughter, Jessica Sellers. I remember the day she was born, 2 weeks early, morning on Mother’s Day. What a gift, she didn’t want to wait, who could ask for a better Mother’s Day present.

As the oldest of 7, she made my life easier by setting a great example for her younger siblings. Jessica loved to learn, loved meeting new people. Her first word was “Hi!”. She’d wave at everyone and give a great big smile.

Jessica did very well in school, I remember switching grade schools and her new teacher called me in. “I don’t know what to do with these grades her previous teacher sent over, I don’t know what that teacher was thinking but I don’t give those kind of grades to just anyone. Don’t be upset when her report cards comes home with lower grades.” Few weeks later my daughter was placed in the gifted and talented program and her grades where still great. That teacher, the next teacher and school went around a few rounds. 1. Don’t assume any student is less than what others say they are. 2. Being gifted doesn’t mean pile on gobs of extra work. 3. Don’t penalize her for not finishing before school busy work when she is creating a work of art and others are scribbling for 10 seconds. We ended up moving with her going to a better school, where teachers encouraged their students to excel.

Jessica has a love for music, so does her daughter. We had an electronic keyboard she loved to play. Never had music lessons, but she could listen to a song and play by ear, often with both hands. She even composed her own song, which I encouraged to to enter into the school’s talent show where she won an award.

It is great fun watching your children grow up. Jessica still uses her creativity, loves to create digital art, logos, teach piano lessons, draw. Jessica often does work for my clients. Although she lives too far away, through the internet and phone we connect often. My daughter encourages me, lifts me up, for her friendship I am very grateful.

Some of you know Jessica, not all know she is my daughter, so it is past time to let all know that she is, and that I’m very proud of the person she has become, and continues to be. If you haven’t met Jessica, you are missing out.

OK, now tell me someone you are grateful for.

13 thoughts on “Gratitude for My Oldest Daughter

  1. Heidi,

    Your daughter is beautiful. You should be very proud of her, sounds like she takes after her mother 🙂

    There are so many I am grateful for, but as I type, my first grandson Deric is on my heart. I am so grateful for him and all he has had to overcome in his 18 years. He has come from a very abusive life and has excelled so much! He has become quite a young man. He graduates this year and is on the honor roll. He shares his story with other troubled teens to help them overcome tough times in their lives. I am very proud of him.


  2. I am grateful that I have a wonderful husband who loves me unconditionally. He is my inspiration, motivator, my shining star. He is truly the wing beneath my wings and considering how we met–I know it was definitely DIVINE intervention!

  3. Heidi,

    Yes, Jessica is very special. I am grateful to know her. She is a multi-faceted talented woman. I love working with her on graphic design projects. Thank you for introducing us.

    I am grateful for my mother in law. She exemplefies motherhood in every way. She is brave, compassionate and loving and from the moment we met, she accepted me. I love spending time with her and at 79 years young she is a ball of fire. I consider it luck the day I met her son. A wonderful man because of the influence he had growing up.

    thanks for the great post and allowing us to share our person with your readers.


  4. Hi Mom!

    Aw gee…you are too sweet. You do indeed have bragging rights because you were the one encouraging me and the rest of us kids all the way. You were there for me all the time! You really fostered the creative side in me. You are a great mom! And you are a wonderful friend. I always look forward to our phone conversations. You always look on the positive side. You always have such fascinating ideas that make me think bigger. 🙂 And you have such a great love for all people, it is inspiring. You are smart, talented, beautiful and overall delightful! I am grateful for YOU Mom!

  5. Hi Heidi,
    It is always such a joy to read about other’s children. To learn that they grow up and continue to stay connected is so wonderful:)

    I am grateful for my husband Chris. He encourages me to sing, follow my dreams, and is a wonderful father to our two boys. There is much more to say…but this will do for now:)

    Good to connect!

  6. Oh Heidi what a beautiful post this is! The things you write about your Jessica are the kind of words every child hopes to hear from mom.

    There are so many folks I’m thankful for. I wrote about Bea Kunz in my gratitude post, but there are so many other business associates, family members and friends who support me in all the ways that count.

    I’m glad you’ve joined us on this 30 day blogging journey. It has been a wonderful boost for my blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts.


  7. How lovely of you to honour your daughter like that. Like your daughter, my eldest always got involved in helping with her siblings. She was the eldest of 5 girls. And about to give birth herself for the first time.

  8. Thanks for sharing and adding your thanks, Debbie’s grandson, Beverly’s Nate, Heidi’s mother-in-law, Susan’s Chris (you should hear them sing together). Vanessa, I’m too thankful for Bea. Kathy, you’ll have to be sure and let us know when that little one gets here. Congrats! Thank goodness for our daughters.

    Jessica, thanks so much for your words. I too enjoy our conversations.

  9. What a beautiful compliment, to both daughter and mother.

    I do know Jessica and I do adore her~

    I’m so grateful for my 96 year old aunt, ( my mothers sister ) she still loves life and helps to keep me focused on how precious each new day should be…she also helps to keep the memory of my mother strong and real.

    Make it a DO-able December~

    Bea Kunz

  10. Thanks Bea!

    And Kudo’s to your 96 year old aunt, that is the way to stay young, loving and living life.

  11. Heidi, this is an awesome post. I am so grateful to know you, Jessica and Tim.



  12. Thanks Mitch
    and for mentioning Jessica’s brother Tim. I’ve very proud of my children. Amazed at how blessed I am.

  13. Hi Heidi, It is great to hear about your daughter.

    I am grateful for all my children. They are helping me grow closer to God. I’m,also, grateful for my great aunt she will be 96 on the 28 of this month. She has always encouraged me. She was #2 out of 12 kids. She has lots of experience to keep me going when times get tough.

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