Happy Birthday Divas

birthday candle flower
Birthday Candle by Tanakawho

Were did the time go? This celebration snuck up on me. The Baby Boomer Diva’s are celebrating their 1st birthday.

(So we can just start over counting years and we are all one here. Or not quite one for those of us who joined later. Less candles to blow out, less counting. . .)

Much thanks to Beverly Mahone for starting this group, and the talent, heart, and wisdom of its members.

Now how can we have a birthday without presents? I remember questions about “What is affiliate marketing?” What do I do? Well Laura Wheeler has generously given me rights to an eBook on that very subject, and to celebrate the birthday I’ll make it free to download for the next month.

Essential Strategies for Earning with Affiliate Links


So open up your presents. Not one of the Divas? No problem, join the celebration and pick up your book.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Divas

  1. What a beautiful photo to celebrate the anniversary of this amazing group. I feel blessed to be counted among the divas–with so many wonderful women, just like YOU!

  2. Gorgeous graphic!

    Can I steal it?


  3. I loved the photo too. Thanks Eileen and Teddy. Teddy, you can use it as long as you provide a link to the owner’s flickr page. Some Flikr accounts allow use of their images as long as you give proper credit.

    At the bottom of the following post is a link to Skellie’s post where she explains how you can legally add some very cool photos to your blogs.


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