Happy Earth Day!

Red Clover

Happy Earth Day!

Step outside, take time to smell the roses. In this case it is smell the red clover. Then give our planet a present. Walk instead of taking the car, plant a garden, recycle things you no longer need through Freecycle.org, bag your groceries in recycled bags, etc.

Need more ideas visit EarthDay.net .

What are your plans for earth day? Celebrate year around, not just one day a year.

Psst. . . with Mother’s day around the corner, why not send her a beautiful card printed on recycled paper.

3 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day!

  1. Heidi,

    I didn’t do anything special to celebrate Earth Day because I believe I make a conscious effort to save the planet EVERYDAY. I am totally into recycling. I think I have more recyclables than garbage sometimes.

    I continue to boycott Exxon because of that oil spill in Alaska and how much that drunken sailor did to pollute our environment!

  2. This year for Earth Day the grandkids and I planted a pizza garden. I discovered this last year as a way to get them to start eating vegetables and to learn about growing food and gardening. We plant all the ingredients – or most of them anyway – for pizza! Tomatoes, peppers, onions, different herbs – whatever you like. Then at the end of the summer, we harvest our crops and make pizza for dinner. They love it – and have learned to eat tomatoes and other veggies without the pizza!

  3. Pizza garden, great idea Melodieann. Mine is more like a salsa garden overgrown with mint. My youngest loves to help in the garden.

    I’ve been thinking about gardens. Weeding mine today, great weather right now. How much healthier would we all be if we each planted and grew something. Picked fresh, better for us, no transportation costs, exercise outside and fun together with family.

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