How Do I Upload Files to My Web Host Using Filezilla?

I remember when I got my first hosting account (a service you pay for, which stores the files which make up your website and serves them to your visitors), and I was at a loss what to do next. I had some files I’d created, the beginnings of a website, but it was confusing to me how to get these files onto my host account, so my site would be live. I needed help, couldn’t understand the tutorials on the host I was using, used words and terms I was unfamiliar with. I was still learning that url meant the line of stuff starting with http that when people click on it, it takes them to that page.

My son, Tim Caswell, helped a lot. He showed me several ways to upload files to my webhost. My favorite way to upload files, especially if large or folders of files such as wordpress, was through a free FTP program call Filezilla. If you’d like your own free copy, click on the link below. Filezilla is open source, where many programmers work together making it better for all. I use IX Web Hosting, if you are using someone else, the files may be organized a little differently.

I realize not all have a gifted son nearby who can show what to do, so I made a quick tutorial using Jing.

Downloading and installing Filezilla

Starting and Using Filezilla

Uploading files to your webshost using Filezilla

Deleting Files Using Filezilla

Filezilla’s Help Pages

Note: If you purchase Filezilla’s Help Pages“>IX WebHosting through my link, they do send me some commission. You are free to use any webhost you wish. If you don’t have a webhost and decide to use IX, I’d appreciate you purchasing from my link to help support the blog.

6 thoughts on “How Do I Upload Files to My Web Host Using Filezilla?

  1. Heidi,
    If I understood anything about what you just posted, I’d make a very impressive comment!!!!!!! But I don’t and THAT’s why I call on people like you!!!!

  2. I’m definitely like Debra on this—that’s why I’m glad to know YOU 🙂 Even my techie husband isn’t up on all the latest applications–even though he would figure it out a lot easier than I would.

    I did want to tell you on your first video that it sounds like you recorded over your audio and I can hear both recordings simultaneously. You might want to check that.

  3. Thanks so much for this information I have needed some help working with FileZilla, You have made things easy to understand how this system works. I will check back often for your updates Thanks Donna

  4. Heidi;
    Your one YT Video, “Uploading files to your webshost using Filezilla” explained MORE to me in five minutes, about uploading
    files, text & photos to my new website than nearly a ream of
    materials I have printed-out from Filezilla, my webhost and a few other places.. Your video would be even better, for me, if there was an article with text & screenshots.. I learn better by reading than watching..
    Bottom Line: GREAT STUFF>
    Thanks for taking the time to put this info together.

    • Thanks Charles, glad it helped, and thanks for the suggestions. 🙂

    • And, before I knew there was such a thing and how to use it, I tried to upload wordpress folder by folder, file by file through my webhost’s file manager. Thankfully my son stops by, “What are your doing? I see I need to install some stuff on your computer.

      He gave me Filezilla, Gimp, Scite, Firebug etc.

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