How to Have Your Image Next to Your Comments

I appreciate each and every visitor to my website, especially those who interact and leave comments. If you check, you will see some people who leave comments have their picture (avatar) next to them. Others don’t. No, I’m not playing favorites. Watch the video below, grab your own gravatar and we’ll get to see your smiling face too.

5 thoughts on “How to Have Your Image Next to Your Comments

  1. Heidi,

    You always provide the best in technical information and, with your new way of presenting (via video), you make it even easier to understand. I do have gravatar and an avatar but my web person installed these for me and I never truly understood what they meant. Now I do!

    Thanks and I can’t wait for my next lesson in the amazing and complex word of cyber space!

  2. Once again, a home run tech tip! I just shared en.gravatar with the Editors of WE Magazine for Women. Now I will be able to send them to your blog to check out the Jing Video tool as well! AWESOME!

    Heidi (the other Heidi) Publisher, WE Magazine for Women

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