“Making a Difference through Music and Song”

“Someday I will live again”

“someday I will love again”

Words to the song “Someday” by May Ling. Not easy words for women who have dealt with domestic violence to follow. I have several friends who have dealt with abuse, some in their childhood, some as adults, some both. Their self-esteem takes a major hit, and trusting others after being abused by one you love is no small thing.

One friend told her ex’s family for years “He needs help” “He has anger issues” “Get him help!” Her pleas fell on deaf ears. His family couldn’t understand why the women in his live made up such horrible tales, and would bail him out of jail, spend much on attorney fees, etc. They refused to believe there was a problem. One day he kidnapped a woman he’d dated once or twice. She’d moved on with her life, married someone else. He had her by gunpoint, driving out of town. Police barricade stopped him. After negotiation with police by cell phone, he turned the gun on himself committing suicide.

Most cases don’t go to this extreme, although some do. It is very hard on the families. Even harder on the victims. Another friend has blank memories of much of her childhood. News of a rape on campus triggered memories of abuse she suffered from a step-brother. Her parents didn’t believe the things she was telling them. Abuse continued for some time and thus the blank memories.

Time heals. I watched one friend who at one point was lucky is she could get herself dressed and feed herself in a day. She is doing great things now. Sometimes she’ll have a relapse, depression sets in. But she is a survivor. “Someday she will love again.” It takes time.

Through song, May Ling and Songs with a Voice are helping others deal with domestic violence, find the help and resources needed.

“Music has the special ability to communicate issues that people normally do not want to discuss,” said singer/songwriter May Ling. “In the 70’s, many popular songs were about changing the world for the better. In the last three decades, popular musicians seem to be increasingly sticking to lighter topics. My hope is that ‘Someday’ will inspire social dialogue and positive change. ”

Thanks May Ling!

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3 thoughts on ““Making a Difference through Music and Song”

  1. Thank you, Heidi, for sharing this important message with your readers. I have been extremely fortunate because I have never personally been the victim of abuse and, as far as I know, neither have my friends. However, I’m also aware that it is far more widespread than we may think and the results are devastating. Artists with the courage to speak out or, as in the case of May Ling, “sing out” their stories of survival can touch people’s hearts in a very special way. Brava to her and others like her who helping to spread the word through their art.

  2. As a journalist, I covered tons of domestic violence stories that always seemed to end tragically. I think part of the reason so many of these cases escalate to the point of murder of serious physical harm is because th epolice and other judicial avenues don’t seem to take the matter as seriously as they shuld. They’ve gotten better but there is still work to do in tackling the problem. Hopefully,May Lings’s words will streth far and wide.

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