Michigan Mom tells her story about being a Rock Star Mommy

Rock Star Mommy

I love real life stories of those who do something different to live their dreams. Earlier I shared how Randy Pausch lived his childhood dreams. Today brings Judy Davids, Rock Star Mommy, who shows it is never to late to learn new things and follow your dreams.

Judy, what inspired you to be a Rock Star Mommy?

I saw Jack White (of the White Stripes) play at my sons’ elementary school. He was in his mid-20s (a kid) but he had the presence of a king. He talked to the students about his passion for music and he sold me hook, line and sinker. The next day I signed up for guitar lessons. His presence convinced me to shine. A few weeks ago I saw Jack on the cover of Rolling Stone with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards and I thought if he only knew what he started!

What prompted you to share your story in a book?

Right from the beginning I felt people got a kick out of our story–it’s somewhat inspiring. We (the Mydols) prove that you don’t have to be young or thin or blessed with talent to be successful.

Is it tough juggling everything?

Absolutely. We just played in Minnesota last weeked for about 1200 people at the Minneapolis Convention Center. We were on TV and the radio and little kids asked us for autographs. It was surreal. It made me wonder how far we could take this band if we toured like the 20-something bands do. But the reality is I really missed my family so we left Minneapolis at 4 AM so we had time to spend with our kids when we got back to Detroit. The word “mom” is the first word in “mom band” for a reason.

How have you used the internet and social media to promote your career?

In so many ways. After I took guitar lessons, I signed up for web design classes! I design and maintain www.judydavids.com and www.mydols.com. I also do ALL the social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. I blog. I write articles for webzines. I use CafePress and Zazzle to sell CDs and T-shirts. I use www.fanbridge.com to keep in touch with fans. What else? I am probably forgetting 20 other things I do on-line!

You have been an inspiration to many mothers and people in general, setting an example of living your dreams. Can you share one tidbit of advice for someone just starting their journey towards their dream, wondering “Is it worth it?” “Should I really try?”

I will pass along my favorite advice. My friend Rick Mills told me “it takes more guts than talent to be in a band.” Whenever I feel bad about a performance I stop and think that there is probably some guy somewhere who is a ripper on the guitar but has never played for an audience. That’s a tragedy. I have no regrets.

And then my friend Thom Sharp said to me “Judy you’re in show business now so your life is an audition.” Meaning that even if 3 people show up at a gig I need to give the show of my life because I never know who’s in the audience. I have found that really useful because sure enough even when a club looks dead there is always a radio dj, music writer, musician…someone who is passionate about music…in the crowd and they don’t care about how many people are there. They came for a show and these people want to help you. If you believe in yourself, they will too!

Yesterday the tour was hosted at Betty Lynch’s blog at My Country Kitchen.
Tomorrow the tour will be hosted at Kathie Thomas’ blog at Blessed Reading

And to order Rock Star Mommy for yourself, follow this link: http://mydols.com/judydavids.htm

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  1. It’s always inspirational to hear about a 40+ woman who dares to go for her dream and to achieve it. Judy rocks and so do you for sharing your blog space to bring attention to someone else’s success.

  2. Thanks for sharing this story:)

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